Monday, July 23, 2007

Class Reunion

Whoever said, "You can't go home again" didn't attend my class reunion this weekend. The classes of '61,'62, and '63 did just that. For a variety of reasons, my class, the class of '63, hadn't met since our 25th reunion. Fortunately for us, the class of '62 decided that as part of their 45th celebration, they would invite the class before and after them to join them. What a fortuitous decision for the rest of us.

The festivities started for Jim and I when we arrived at our motel and found my friend, Bill Starr and his wife Rosalie, already registered. We spent the afternoon reminiscing over coffee and wonderful blueberry pie at a sweet little 50's diner not far from the motel. Shortly after returning to the motel, our friend Bill Pfeil and his delightful wife, Nancy, arrived from Frederick, MD. The hugging, kissing and laughing could be heard throughout the entire complex, I'm sure.
Dinner that evening was at a small local restaurant. That's where we got to see the remaining nine or ten class members and their spouses. Oh, did I forget to mention that there were twenty four members in the class of '63. I think the other two classes had eighteen each.
Needless to say, the dinner hour was full of laughter and "do you remember when's". Please don't ask me about the food. I don't think I ate more than three or four bites. I was much too excited and happy to think about food.
The actual reunion of the three classes was held Saturday afternoon and evening at a nearby rod and gun club. The day was absolutely flawless, a whole afternoon and evening of getting caught up with old friends and meeting new. Once again, they tell me the food was good, I was too busy talking to notice. We lingered long into the evening, everyone reluctant to let the magic go.
Back in my little office on Monday morning, my face still aching from smiling, my mind filled with the wonderful memories, and yes, my heart a little sore due to the absence of those we loved who are no longer with us, I am thankful that for at least a short time, we can go home again.