Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm So Over

Our dear blogging buddy, Cheryl, challenged us in her Tuesday blog to list the things we're "so over" and "so happy about". I have been thinking about that since yesterday and plan to post my thoughts on that today. But first, I want to clarify my return to the working life. One of my buddies hoped it wasn't for financial reasons. Let me reassure you. I'm just filling in at my old job until a new Library Director can be hired.

When I heard that the present librarian, the woman who had replaced me 3-1/2 years ago, was leaving, I volunteered (what, am I nuts?) to come back temporarily while the Board of Trustees searches for a new director. I am very pleased to report that they are well on their way to accomplishing that task. They are in the process of interviewing some very talented and capable people and I am hoping that within the week a candidate will be chosen. So, though I am totally enjoying this experience, I will soon (and gladly) return to the life of a retired library director

That said, let's get on to the fun stuff.

I'm so over:

*Complaining about the weather. We are a people of weather complaints.
"It's too hot", "It's too cold", "The wind is too strong", "It's way
too still". You know the quotes. I'm going to endeavor to open my
eyes each morning and just say, "Thanks for the weather, Lord". I'll
keep you posted on my progress.

*Jeremiah Wright and his rantings. I think that's enough said on that
subject. Let's not give that publicity hound anymore thought than that.

*Reality TV. Apologies to those of you who enjoy it! I've had it!!

*Unforgiveness. I've really been convicted of that sin lately. And though
I would count myself among those who don't hold grudges, I only have to
look beneath the surface to see that I have many areas of unforgiveness.
I'll keep you posted on my progress in this area also.

*The squirrels who raid my bird feeder every morning. We're working on
that problem. Let's hope we can correct it.

I'm so happy about:

*The 64 kindergarten children and their teachers and helpers who visited
the library yesterday on a field trip. What a great time I had with them.
I especially loved the storytelling part. I told "Caps for Sale". They
were absolutely enthralled. What a lift to my spirit.

*That in spite of the pesky squirrels, the cardinals are visiting the bird
feeder. When I walk on the treadmill I can see them out the window flying
in and out.

*My hair. Oh please, don't think I'm vain, but right now, my hair is doing
all the right things. It is such a boost to know that at 60+ with many
things falling apart, my hair looks good.

*My dear husband and best friend who makes my life full, who makes me laugh
many times each day, who loves me unconditionally.....

*Friends, both near and far, and those in blogland who enhance my being.

*The sun, the moon and the stars that shine.

Have a great day, dear readers.

Here's something else that makes me happy -

Sunset from my front door.

Monday, April 28, 2008

After a Week of Working

Wow!! Working really cuts into my blogging life, not to mention all the other areas that are pushed aside to accomodate the time clock.

I think I mentioned in my last ancient post that it seemed strange to be back in my old office. Each day was less strange and by the end of the week I felt right at home. I need to mention one cool thing that happened. For years I had dealt with a company that sells audiobooks. Their salesperson, Peggy, and I had developed a really good phone friendship, talking about children, grandchildren, etc. Tuesday, I picked up my phone and said, "Hello, this is Pam Wolfanger" and the answer was this wonderful British accent saying, "Hello, Pam Wolfanger". I knew immediately it was my friend Peggy. We had the best conversation, catching up on the past three years. It was such a boost for me, and yes, I did buy some things from her.

Spring has really arrived here in our little town. The weather has been fantastic this past week. That is likely ending this week with a return to April showers, etc., but last week was glorious with many trees and plants in bloom.

This is a tree outside the library. Isn't it beautiful.

This is my flowering peach in process. We planted it after it bloomed last year so this is our first chance to enjoy its beauty.

In a week of working, I did have the opportunity to play on Tuesday as we celebrated our friend, Linda's, fiftieth birthday. We met at a local crepe restaurant and surprised her. It was a great lunch with great friends. We met her friend, Peggy, for the first time. I had a week blessed by Peggy's.

Fifty peppermint patties!

The weekend finally arrived. I didn't work on Friday afternoon so Jim and I treated ourselves to lunch (all Weight Watcher's approved, of course) and walked on the canal path. What a wonderful day - and workout. Oh, I forgot to mention, we each lost 1-1/2 pounds that week.

Saturday night we attended "Six for Supper" a church organized program where people meet together for dinner and fellowship. One family hosts and six other people bring food. It's a great concept for getting to know people in the church. Jim and I hadn't signed up for this program as we were away much of the winter. It just so happened that dinner ocurred at the same time as the "Thirty Hour Famine" (talk about an oxymoron) so there were empty spaces at several tables. Our friends Rick and Sandi asked us to attend. I forgot to take my camera, but it was a great evening of food and fellowship.

Sunday was a joyous and sad occasion wrapped into one. It was the farewell sermon of our youth pastor who has been called to pastor a church in Idaho. The church was full, the praise band played and outdid itself and Rick preached a wonderful sermon. Of course, it all ended with many of us in tears. We send this dear family off to Idaho with love and prayers.

Thanks for bearing with me in this post. It was a week full of memories and I wanted to share them.

Happy Monday!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Baack!

After a really fun weekend of scrapping with friends, old and new, I felt rested and renewed and ready to go back to work once again. Ask me if that didn't feel weird, walking into my old office after a 3-1/2 year absence? I have to tell you, I was a little anxious about it. There is only one staff member left from the "old gang". Everyone else has been hired since Kathy took over as director. But the girls were just wonderful. After a few minutes, it was as if I had never left. It was a really fun day.

I only worked five hours. Jim picked me up at the library at 3 and we went on our "gas saving" errand day. We have decided that we need to be wise about our gas consumption, thus fitting as many things into a trip as possible so we:

-Went to Walmart and returned a defective CD player.
-Stopped at Lowe's and bought a new 4 ft. step ladder
-Went to the nursing home to visit Florence. It was really good to see her.
She seemed good and was really happy to see us.
-Returned some things to Kohl's
-Had dinner at Uno's (A really delightful and diet friendly meal). It was a perfect
evening and we were able to eat on the patio. I just LOVE eating outdoors.
-Went to Wegman's and shopped for groceries

We arrived home, satisfied with the accomplishments of the afternoon.

I just downloaded some pictures from the weekend and thought I'd share a couple.

The only explanation for these pictures is that by 11 PM, we are a little (or maybe a lot) silly. And I lay the entire blame for this craziness on Mary R.

The lodge was on the edge of the lake. Isn't it beautiful?

Taking a break and enjoying the perfect weather.

Of course, we had to eat!!

What's dinner without dessert?

Laurie, Em and I came home late Saturday evening. We wanted to be home for church on Sunday. I'm so glad I did that. A friend of our congregation was visiting from Canada. He sang and played the piano. The words of his song, and his introduction to it, really touched my heart. He spoke about being willing to be obedient to God. It was such an encouragement to me. Isn't great that God gives us just what we need, just when we need it?

I hope everyone is well today and looking forward to the week ahead.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Hallelujah Day!!

What a perfectly beautiful, wonderful, fabulous day this has been. The entire day has been one of Camelot weather. The sky is perfectly blue. Not a cloud in sight. Not too hot, no humidity. I could revel in this day forever.

It isn't just the weather that has made it such a splendiferous day. First of all, and maybe foremost, we heard today that my husband's cancer biopsy came back negative for cancer. Who could ask for anything more? You can bet we will be celebrating with a glass of vino tonight.

The next good news we received was that my MIL is doing much better after her bout of pneumonia and will be leaving the nursing home and returning to her Assisted Living Residence tomorrow. Good, good news!!

The rest of the happenings of the day are good to a lesser degree, but things to enjoy and be thankful for, none the less.

Have I mentioned that I'm going back to work for a short time? The library director who took my place when I retired is leaving and I'm going to fill in for a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to being in the library again. So, this morning I had a staff meeting just to go over schedules, etc. This afternoon I had a short meeting with Kathy (the librarian) to brush up on some of the things that have changed in the 3-1/2 years I've been gone. Monday will be my first day on the job.

AND - this is actually yesterday's good news - I found what I think will work with the wonderful skirt I bought in Nevada to make a great outfit for a mountain wedding in July. What do you think?

Oh yes, another goodie. I walked 3 whole miles on the treadmill this afternoon. My goal is to get up to 5 miles eventually. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I hope I've lost.

And now the last and final fabulous happening in this already nearly perfect day. Our friend (and pseudo niece) Jodie sucessfully defended her research for her PhD this afternoon. After seven long years, she is now Dr. Jodie. We are so very very proud of her. I'm crying as I write this. We love you, Jodie

This will make for a long post, but I read this on Michelle's blog and want to post the answer to this question:




I've been giving these questions a lot of thought today and here are the answers I've come up with.

My first thought was that I'd like to have dinner with Jesus and ask Him all the many questions that trouble me. Then I remembered that someday I will live with him forever and all the questions that trouble me today that I might ask Him will be immaterial and in heaven I won't be troubled by anything.

That said, I think I still have three people to choose. Here they are:

1. My biological father. First, I'd ask him WHY? Then I'd ask him HOW could he go through life not knowing me. Then I'd tell him how much he missed 'cuz I'm a pretty cool person. Then I'd tell him about my wonderful mom and stepfather. Last I'd tell him about my fabulous girls. He really missed out on a lot. Oh yes, then I'd tell him I forgive him and talk about Jesus. I don't know if I'd feed him. Maybe coffee and muffins.

2. There are so many women both living and dead that I admire. I think right now I'd choose Condoleeza Rice. That might change next week, but for today I pick her.
I think I'd not ask much of anything. I'd just let her talk. I think she is such a smart and savvy woman. I'd probably serve her quiche and my famous fruit salad with french puff muffins.

3. Last, but by no means least, I'd like to have a whole day with Cheryl Wray. I'd talk to her about EVERYTHING. I'd especially quiz her about Southern Christian Writers. What would I serve? I think I'd serve my famous chicken, shrimp, pasta recipe. For dessert, we'd have "ding dongs".

Have a great day. I love you guys.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Wacky Wednesday

Actually, it's a positively beautiful Wednesday. The sky is as blue a can be and not a cloud visible anywhere. AND they (our friendly neighborhood weathermen) say it's supposed to be that way through the weekend into next week. YAHOO!!!

I went to lunch with some friends today - to a new restaurant. It was just delightful. To make it even more wonderful, they had a turkey wrap that didn't mess with my diet in the least. I shouldn't say diet. Jim and I are doing the Weight Watcher's at home plan. We are trying to call it a "food plan" rather than a diet. Knock on wood - so far we aren't' finding it too difficult. I really like the way this point system works. It allows me to have my glass of wine for dinner (how about that, Cheryl?) and still stay within the points for the day.

Speaking of Cheryl, she has tagged me to post "7 Random Facts About Me". I had to struggle to come up with (only) seven. Here they are:

1. I have suffered with Kidney Stones much of my adult life. The diagnosis is that my body just produces them. PTL, I haven't had any in close to 15 years. Let me tell you, they are PAINFUL.

2. I am older than my husband by 18 months. For the first twenty-five years of our almost forty years of marriage, I was really troubled by this. Finally, I have come to the place where I am just so thankful that such a wonderful man wanted to marry me (in spite of my old age) that I can just praise God.

3. Also, I married the "boy next door". Actually, the boy across the street. We really kept it in the neighborhood as my BIL married one of my best friends who also lived across the street from me and next door to them. Isn't that fun? We have had so many great times over the years. Sadly, Bonnie passed away almost three years ago. I still miss her every day.

4. I love to sing - but have a pretty terrible voice. Two years ago my friend Jason, the choir director at our church, graciously allowed me to sing in the Easter Cantata. I sang softly and smiled a lot.

5. Like Cheryl, I am not about to let my age be a factor in how I live my life. My mom refused to be called "old" and I am following in her footsteps. If 60 is the new 40, I'm living proof.

6. Most of the time, I see the cup half full instead of half empty. When trials come, it may take me a few days to find the blessing, but usually I do. I think this is a gift from God - one which my Mom also had. Also, I really don't hold grudges. It's way too much work. I'd rather spend my energy in more positive endeavors.

7. Finally, I'm supposed to be working on writing a book. My dear BIL, Laverne, is very disappointed in me. I have one essay completed, but am afraid to let anyone read it.

Okay, that's the scoop on Pamela. I'm tagging, Gerit, Chrissy, Stephanie, Nancy and Diane.


Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Monday

And I don't really have a lot to write about, but blogging is an addiction and I feel antsy if I go a couple of days without posting. I'm sitting here thinking, "I need to write, I need to write", but my mind is in a semi-blank stage.

I could write about the weekend, which was quiet and none too exciting. Jim went to Pennsylvania on Friday to see his mom. We've been really worried about her these past couple of weeks. She has been in the hospital twice and was finally diagnosed with pneumonia. At 93, that's nothing to take lightly. She's doing much better now. Needless to say, we're all relieved. I think I have probably said before how special she is and what she means to all of us.

Anyway, with Jim gone and rain falling all day Friday, I stayed inside and puttered around here. I cooked for a sick friend. That was fun. I made the best cupcakes, a recipe I borrowed from Paula Dean. They were soooo good. I know because I ate one. I had kept two. The first one was so good that I didn't trust myself and had to throw the second one in the garbage before I ate it. Isn't that pathetic?

Saturday, I did some work around the house and then went to coffee with Laurie and Emily. We hadn't had any time to catch up since I returned from Nevada. The exciting news was that Emily has been offered a teaching job in North Carolina - her first. I've know Em since she was a few months old and now she is going off and starting life as a teacher. She is going to be a wonderful teacher.

I was only back from coffee for a few minutes when Jim came home. It was so good to see him. The house is empty without him.

Sunday was Sunday; church, breakfast at the Bee Skep, a nap, lots of reading and, this weekend, The Masters. We were disappointed that our guy Tiger didn't win. I think I expect him to win everything. But since he didn't win, I really liked the young man who did. He had the cutest little redheaded son.

Speaking of redheads, here's mine on her 35th birthday. The picture was in my email this morning.

Today was warmer and sunny here. I went out to the porch after lunch to read for awhile. Stuck in the screendoor were two sweet little hand drawn Spring cards. The neighborhood elves, Cami and Lilly, must have sneaked in when we were busy. It is such a blessing to have those sweet girls next door. They make us really happy.

I had planned to post a list of my favorites. Earlier this year someone tagged me and I've been meaning to get to that post for awhile. I've gone on so long that it won't be today. Like Scarlett, "I'll think about that tomorrow".


Inaction saps the vigor of the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paige

Even though the post says April ll, 2008, it is 12:30 AM in Upstate New York. Today, April 12, is my daughter, Paige's, birthday. Here is my birthday greeting for her.

Dear Paige,

I remember so clearly the day you were born. You were born by Cesarean section. Both your grandmothers and your Namma came from Pennsylvania for the occasion. Grandma Wolfanger and Namma were praying for a girl, I know. Dad and I were praying for you. We didn't know what your gender would be, but we prayed for you; for all the aspects of your life. And we prayed for ourselves. We wanted to be the best parents we could possibly be for you.

I know you've heard this story before, but I need to tell you again. I had a spinal for the surgery, but I had something to make me drowsy. My first look at you was pure joy. There you were wrapped in a pink blanket with a halo around your head. I may have been a littly groggy, but I know what I saw. I was the happiest woman alive.

My life has been so blessed by you. I cannot imagine who or what I would have been with out you (and dad and Gretchen). It is a privilege to be your mother, not just because of your many accomplishments that have given us joy. More because you are a kind and loving person. You have a wonderful sense of loyalty and compassion. You are honest and (even though it is hard sometimes) forgiving.

I am so proud of you. Please forgive me for the pictures I am about to post. Just remember, considering my first look at you, you're lucky I didn't name you "Angel".

Happy Birthday, my dearest daughter.

Home from the hospital

Senior Prom

High School Musical - Senior Year

High School Graduation - With proud grandmothers

College Graduation.

Masters of Divinity - At Last

Reverend Paige Wolfanger

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is the 71st wedding anniversary of Ernie and Lena Boss. Ernie and Lena are members of our church, two of the dearest people you will ever meet. They were out to breakfast at the Bee Skep Cafe this morning to celebrate this special day.

If God should will it, I would love to grow old with Jim and be as happy and devoted to one another as they are. Ernie told me this morning that "We need each more than ever now."

Love and congratulations to two of my favorite people.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday's thoughts on Wednesday

Now that I'm home, attached to my own personal Internet, in my own personal office, wouldn't you think I'd find posting to my blog so much more convenient? Considering how I griped and complained about having to go to the library or Panera's to use my computer, wouldn't you think that I would be posting daily? I suppose that a normal person would do that, but I have never been accused of normality. So here I am sitting in front of my computer - with basically nothing to say.

Actually, my mind is full of random thoughts and ideas. One of my favorite answers to the question, "What do you think?" is "Words and numbers". Well that's fine, but when those words and numbers can't be put together into an intelligent sentence, there you are.

One of the things on my mind these days is email forwards. I don't mind "all" forwards. Sometimes I read them; sometimes I just delete them. A lot depends on who they come from. I always read Nancy's forwards, mostly because she also sends me real email. You know, the kind saying how she's doing and asking how I'm doing, keeping me up to date with her life.

The ones I'm complaining about are the ones reminiscent of the old fashioned "chain letters". Send this to five people immediately or your brain will shrivel; if you don't want horrible boils all over your body, forward this to everyone on your address list, etc., etc. I can't begin to understand why normally sensible and intelligent people get hooked on this drivel. When I open one of these from a dear friend who almost never communicates with me, I want to rise up and shake her. Tell me your dreams, your hurts, your disappointments and joys; don't tell me I'm about to fall off the edge of the world.

Happy Wednesday!!

You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage him.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Musings

It's been so long since I posted I'm afraid I've forgotten how to express myself!! LOL I know how I sort of whined and moaned about having to leave Las Vegas and come home, but really, I must admit, it's really good to be home

I thought I'd do a sort of "T" bar about the pluses and minuses of being back in Upstate NY.

PLUS - Seeing Linda and Jason at the airport when we arrived home. Along with that plus is the really good flight we had. I would recommend AirTran to anyone. It is certainly "no-frills" but after some of the terrible flights I've had in recent years, I'd rather have flights that leave and arrive on time and are direct flights than wine, women and song. Oh yeah! There are no women and song and you have to pay for the wine - so what exactly are the frills?

PLUS - Being back in my own bed. I sometimes forget when I'm away how much I really, really LOVE our bed. It is soooo comfortable and we have the best sheets. It was really heavenly and I slept like a baby.

MINUS - Waking up in the wonderful, comfortable bed the first morning to 22 degrees. I awoke at the crack of dawn to meet my Thursday morning coffee group, looked out the window and saw my car covered with frost. I hate to admit how lazy I was, but I put on my jacket and slippers and ran out and started the car, turned on the defrost and let it run while I took my shower.

PLUS - Getting a haircut. You can't imagine how badly I needed a haircut. I know that they have beauticians in Las Vegas, but nobody really cuts my hair to suit me but Kathy.

PLUS - Seeing my coffee group on Thursday and the original "Loser Housewives" on Friday for coffee. I really love these gals.

MINUS - Getting up so early in the morning. In Las Vegas, I don't have many responsibilities so I sleep MUCH later.

MINUS - Grocery shopping, grocery shopping, grocery shopping. We pretty much emptied the larders before we left for the Southwest. We shopped on Thursday, but then found we needed to go again on Saturday. And, of course, when you buy all that stuff, you have to put it away. I HATE putting groceries away.

PLUS - Being back in church on Sunday and seeing all the dear folks in our church.

PLUS - Going to Rick and Sandi's for brunch on Sunday to celebrate Sandi's birthday. On Friday, Linda asked Sandi how old she was going to be. Sandi said ****
and Linda, who thought Sandi was one year older than her said, "Are you sure?" We all got a wonderful laugh from that.

The birthday girl and her granddaughter.

PLUS - And speaking of Sandi's granddaughter, seeing Sienna again is a major plus.
She is sooo very cute and, of course, smart. I don't know what we will do when her father gets a church and they move away from us. The first thing she said to me upon seeing me on Friday was, "Hey Pam, I have a baby sister in my mommy's tummy". The new baby come in late June. I wonder how she'll react?

Isn't she just adorable?

PLUS and MINUS - The weather is really quite acceptable. It's probably about 60 degrees right now at 4:20 in the after noon. The plus is, of course, the nice sunshine. The minus is that there is TONS of yard work to do. Poor Jim spent several hours working in the lawn today.

Right now, I'm afraid the track is calling me. School is out, thus leaving our new all weather track free for the likes of me. I'm planning on seven laps today so I'll close and say "Ta-Ta".