Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Paige

It's 9:06 AM, April 12. Forty-one years ago at this time, I was basking in the wonder of Paige Lynette Wolfanger, 7 lbs. 8 oz. She was beautiful with a little red fuzz on her perfect head. All the fingers and toes were there. My wonderful gift from God.

Fast forward forty-one years to a beautiful, intelligent, redheaded woman who, as far as I know, still has all her fingers and toes. She is still my wonderful gift from God.

Happy Birthday, dear Paige.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


As is our Tuesday habit, we went to the movies today. Shortly after we retired we discovered that on Tuesdays, at Regal Theaters, popcorn was free. Free popcorn! Well, I was hooked. Over the years the popcorn has changed from free to $1 to $2, but it's still cheaper than the rest of the week and I am a real popcorn lover. In fact, I make Jim upgrade so I can have more of the bag we share.

As some of our closest friends have retired, they have joined us in our Tuesday adventure. Oh, did I fail to mention that not only do we go to the movies, we also go to Olive Garden for soup and salad before the movie? It has turned out to be a wonderful time of fun and fellowship.

All of that said, we have been seeing the previews for Noah for months, now. I cannot tell you how excited and anxious I have been to see this movie. I've read many of the articles written by Christians who were negative because it didn't follow scripture; that it was too environmental, that women of that time didn't have that much say in their lives, etc.

We talked it over and decided that it was, after all, Hollywood and what did we expect. We said that we would go see it and not be offended by it's lack of scriptural truth. In fact, Cal Thomas, on this morning's editorial page, said much the same thing. He said if Hollywood was going to acknowledge a Bible story, we should be happy and support it.

And so, off we went on our lovely Tuesday afternoon outing. 

I was NOT offended that it didn't totally follow scripture. I was prepared for that., What I wasn't prepared for, and what did offend me was that it was STUPID.  My husband said at the end of the movie that he was surprised we stayed through the entire movie. Usually, when a movie is raunchy or offensive in other ways, including stupid, we just get up and leave, I think we were just too astounded by the ridiculousness of it to even make a decision.

I'm not going to spoil this for those of you who plan to go by giving details of this flick. In fact, I think you should go. That way, when your unbelieving friends want to talk about it, maybe you can try to convince that  our "Creator" was much too smart for that scenario.

And now for the disclaimer. This wasn't written to be offensive to anyone who did, in fact, like the movie. As of this writing, no one has asked me to move to Hollywood to become a movie critic. So, remember, it's just my opinion.