Thursday, November 22, 2007

A cozy Thanksgiving for two

Although I am thankful every day for so many things, today is the day when we tend to verbalize those things that are in our hearts. Today I am especially thankful for being able to spend this day with my best friend, my husband. For reasons of geography, health, age and careers, we were unable to spend this Thanksgiving with family. And though we have been invited to share the day with many of our dear friends, we made a decision to spend this day together in our warm and cozy home.

I know our abilitly to be content in whatever state we find ourselves is a comfort to our children who cannot be with us for most holidays. As we talked with them today, we could hear the relief in their voices knowing that we are happy to be together. And together, we were. We cooked and carved.

Then sat down to eat. I really enjoyed setting the table and lighting candles. Perhaps this was such a special day to me because this is only the second time in 39 years of marriage that I have cooked and served a Thanksgiving dinner in my own home. And did I mention? "It has been snowing lightly all afternoon".

Now as we settle down to our Thanksgiving afternoon nap, in anticipation of having our dear friends, The Haaks, come for dessert and cards this evening, I wish you all a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Before this day is over, please join me in praising God from whom all blessings flow.

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Tracy said...

I love your pictures and I'm glad to hear you had a nice, peaceful Thanksgiving at home. Ours wouldn't qualify as peaceful, but it was nice too. Your table setting looked so pretty!