Thursday, March 5, 2009

Joshua Tree National Park

Not knowing a lot about this National Park, the first question I asked Gretchen on the way was "why the name Joshua Tree?" She told me, that like so much of this area, the first settlers here were Mormons. Apparently the tree made someone think of Joshua with his arms open wide in welcome, hence the name Joshua Tree. I guess when you look at the trees, you can see how that came to be.

The park is, as well as thousands of Joshua Trees, populated with huge rock formations. Actually, maybe more than the trees, but Gretchen says it would be hard to name the park "Ginormous Odd Shaped Rock Formation Park" so they settled on Joshua Tree. What a smarty she is.

We arrived at the park shortly after noon on Monday. The first order of business was for Jim to buy his National Parks Lifetime Pass. He was so proud of himself. For $10, he can be admitted to any National Park for the rest of his life.
We did two short hikes on Monday afternoon. One called Holiday Springs

a short one mile loop to see some of the topography of the park. We met this little bird who was kind enough to stick around and pose for us.

The second , one mile loop, was called Barker Dam. I really expected to see some outlaws hiding out there.

Instead, we did find some water, some ducks, and a dam.

You can see how deep the water was at one time.
At the end of those two hikes, we were ready for a rest. So off we went to the Harmony Motel. What a charming place. Gretchen and Brian decided they wanted to stay somewhere that exuded the charm of the area. They chose well. This little motel boasted that U2 were guests there. They have lots of pictures of the group in the courtyard and pool.

Gretchen and Brian relaxing outside their room.
After a really good dinner at a local restaurant, we watched Big Bang Theory and fell into bed for a good night's sleep.
Thanks for sticking around this long. Stay tuned tomorrow for Joshua Tree, Day Two.
Serious News
When we got back to our room on Tuesday evening, I had
a phone call telling me that a friend of our family who
had been expecting triplet boys, lost all of the babies
over the weekend. Erin and Gretchen were the best of
friends during their pre-school days. Erin's mother and I
continue to be dear friends. If you are inclined to pray, would you
please pray for Erin and Matt in this very difficult time. This was a long
sought, much desired first pregnancy for this young couple.
~Hippo Hugs~


Dana said...

looks like you're having a blast, as usual! Love the pictures, keep them coming.

So sorry to hear about your friends...prayers are going up as I type.

Leslie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip to Joshua Tree, and nice photos too! I will say a prayer right now for your friends. I can't imaging losing a child, let alone 3-so sad!

Yes, I love the snow and yes it is still with us. We get very little accumulation here in VA. so when we do everyone loves it. Kids were off from school for 3 days if you can beleive that. We just aren't prepared in our state for big snow. It will all be melting tomorrow and Saturday as temps are supposed to be in the mid 70's!

Looking forward to part 2 of the Joshua tree trip!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Beautiful pictures! But then, you always take beautiful pictures. The Joshua Trees are interesting looking trees, and that little bird on top of one of them was really sweet to pose for you. :-)And all those rocks look interesting as well. We have an Elephant Rocks State Park in MO. All the rocks look like elephants.Haven't been there in a while though.

A charming little motel where U2 stayed? Wow, how neat!

I look forward to part 2 of your Joshua Tree Nat'l Park visit.



PS. I am sorry to read about your friends' loss. That is so very sad. I will say prayers for the family as well.

Take care.

pam said...

What a sad thing, I will be praying for this young couple.

The sun on your faces looks glorious! Enjoy:)

Tracy said...

Pam - I didn't hear this news about Erin. How devastating. They are in my prayers.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh Pam, I feel their pain. I lost my first pregnancy too (after trying for 9 years). I can relate, sadly. They are definitely in my prayers.

Thank you for sharing your visit to this unique place! I think the bird is a roadrunner maybe?

Nancy said...

Looks like you all are enjoying your time together there! You got some great pics, too!

Sad to hear the bad news about the babies. I'm sure they are hurting more than words can describe right now. Prayers going out for them...

((( HUGS )))