Friday, January 1, 2010

Pictorial Year in Review

New Year's day is always a lazy day at the Wolfanger house. Jim takes the tree down while I sleep in and then we watch the parade and just hang out all day. It's a pajama day and I love it. While Jim watched some football this afternoon, I played with pictures. Hence the following, Year in Review. I forgive you if you can't make it to the end, but I had a great time putting this together.

January found us struggling with snow and cold weather. The youth at church held their annual Ham Dinner to fund their trip to Snow Camp. The tree looked lonely, bereft of all it's beautiful decorations. I was able to schedule a breakfast with my buddies from the Walworth library. Of course, Jim had another hand surgery and I had my colonoscopy. On the fun side, we spent some time with the in-laws in PA and saw my sweet niece play basketball. I think I may have made a little mistake and put Super Sunday in February pictures. You can see Jason with his 3D glasses for one of the commercials. Before we left for warmer climes, the old library staff got together for dinner. We don't do that often enough. I also fit in one last scrapbook weekend before heading out. Then we were on our way to Henderson, NV. We left in a snow storm, but found beautiful weather in Chicago when we stopped to visit Paige. We celebrated my birthday and Liam's while in Chicago. The trip out is always fun, swimming in the motel pools, having great food and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Once there, we easily adapt to the warmer weather.

Jason and Linda visited us in March. We saw some shows, hiked, ate good food and generally enjoyed being together. March also found us in Joshua Tree National Park and Zion National Park with Brian and Gretchen.

We were in Henderson for Easter and had a lovely day with Brian and Gretchen. We celebrated Paige's birthday with wonderful cupcakes, but without her. We did make a sign for her though. Before we left, we had a day hiking and enjoying the Colorado river with Brian and Gretchen. We arrived home to a sweet sign made by the neighbor girls. Then the unpacking.

Poor Jim, May brought a fourth hand surgery in two years. Before the surgery, he was able to till the garden so that I could do the planting. Riding a horse has been on my Bucket List for quite some time so I took a riding lesson. Once was enough for me. A weekend in Chicago with Paige was a special treat for me.

June was a busy month. Bible school was fun both planning and executing. As with Paige, we celebrated Brian's birthday without him. We had a great weekend in Wellsboro, PA exploring the Grand Canyon of the East with Jeff and Jan. Two days at the LPGA were really fun. Oh yes, more gardening. Once it's planted, it needs weeded and cared for. UGH!!

July was crazy. As soon as Bible school was over, we were off to Boston and Martha's Vineyard for a wonderful vacation. Paige, Michelle and Liam joined us in MV for a few days. What fun. Kacy and Deb came for a weekend of shopping and then I was off to Las Vegas for camp with Gretchen. Total enjoyment. In between travels, I there was lots of time with friends here at home.

August was nearly as busy as July, I guess. We spent time with Kathy and Laverne at Lake George. Kacy came to visit for a week and we went to Darien Lake to ride the roller coasters. I guess I should clarify that I watched. Linda and Kacy did the riding. I momentarily lost my mind and had my hair cut very very short. We attended Deb & Jeromy's wedding and went to Bruce and Shelly's cabin for a week. Doing crafts and the flowers around our house were part of my leisure time here at home.

Can it possibly be September already? Oh yes! Bruce turned 60, and we had fun celebrating with him and his family. The Public Market is always fun and we spent a couple of Saturday mornings wandering among the stalls...and eating some yummy baked goods.
Kacy ran in a big Cross Country meet in Rochester in October, so I had to make tie-dyed cupcakes for the team. Also, Kacy had her best time ever. A weekend in PA enjoying the foliage and time with Mom and Dale and Carolyn was on the agenda too.
I have no November pictures. Bruce and Shelly had their accident on October 16 and we were pretty busy for the next eight weeks or so.
The first weekend in December was NYC with Kacy and Deb. Great weekend.

Back from NY, we celebrated Jim's mom's 95th birthday. What a wonderful occasion. Then we were on the road to Chicago for a fun Christmas with Paige and her gang. As Jim and I were having our dinner of roast pork and sauerkraut (for good luck in the new year) we were discussing the fact that in five weeks we will be on our way back to Henderson. Just where did this year go?
~Hippo Hugs~


Laura said...

What a great idea! Happy New Year, Pam!!

Cheryl Wray said...

This is WONDERFUL...and such a great way to relive everything with you! (Although I bet it took you forever to do all of those photo collages!)

Here's to a wonderfully blessed 2010. Love ya!

Tracy said...

WHEW! What a year! Love your review.

pam said...

Holy cow, it is only five weeks away and your gone again!

Great year in review and Happy New Year!

Faye said...

Pam, you sure know how to fill 12 months with wonderful memories :)

Monogram Queen said...

Look at YOU doing such a wonderful monthly recap!!! I'm impressed!

As you know I gave up blogging for a while in 2009 but i'm sure glad I started up again because it really is a wonderful way to look back and keep track of events etc.
Happy 2010 to you and Jim - may the good Lord continue to shower his blessings up on you!

Winifred said...

That was a lovely way to review the year Pam. I do love the way you arrange your photographs.

Oh I can't face taking the tree down until 12th Night so I use tradition as a put off! Good excuse to enjoy the lights for a little longer.

Hope you have a wonderful year in 2010.