Friday, March 19, 2010

Go! Go! Go! Joseph

Once again, I am sitting here wondering what has been keeping me from posting here on my blog. One reason is that I did go back to NY last week to see the high school musical and visit with my friends, Bruce and Shelly.

I'll quickly give an update on Bruce and Shelly, and ask for continued prayers for them. Shelly has finished with her chemotherapy and came through with flying colors, which I totally expected. Bruce, however, is making slower progress than had been projected. Although they did send him home from rehab, he is still totally dependant on the care of others. The talk, now, is that he may be readmitted to the rehab facility. We are all praying for the best for Bruce.

As you can imagine, the trip home was a little disappointing in regard to Bruce. However, the musical was absolutely outstanding. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has always been one of my favorite musicals. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed in this production.

I have seen Joseph at least four times previous to this. One being with Donny Osmond as Joseph and I enjoyed this as much as any of the others. Those kids, under the direction of Shelly, did a professional and outstanding job. One might say I am a little prejudiced, but if you had been there and seen this show, you would agree with me.

These four girls shared the part of the Narrator and were just wonderful. Mackenzie (in blue) and Becca (in olive) are from our church. This was another reason I wanted to go home and see the show. I love these girls.

It's hard to believe that a school district of less than 1000 students can find this many boys to participate in a musical. And they were such fun!

Joseph is a 14 year old sophomore with the voice of an angel.

Yancy, as Pharaoh, had the audience in the palm of his hand.

The costumes and sets, constructed and sewn by parents and students were pure eye candy.

I imagine you have figured out by now that I am pretty proud of our little school district and their music department.

~Hippo Hugs~


Lynilu said...

What fun that looks like!

My best to Bruce and Shelly. I guess I have missed your previous posting(s) about their plights. I'll go back and see what I can find.

pam said...


Years ago we went and saw Joseph in Toronto, and I am still singing the songs to this day. Def. one of my favourites...mind you the days of going to shows was long ago... before kids.

Still thinking of and praying for your friends. I hope Bruce makes progress and is able to get home for good. But, we should be thankful for a facility like rehab which is available to care for him.


Laura said...

Way to go, Shelley and kids!! My prayers are still with your friend, Bruce.

Faye said...

I love musicals and I love going to live performances.
I am continuing to pray for Shelley & Bruce.

Tracy said...

The music is still stuck in my head! We keep singing it around the house. Kaylyn is ready to strangle us.