Friday, July 15, 2011


Have you ever been in a position where you know full well you need to do something, but just cannot seem to force yourself to get to it and do it. Well that's me. The last time I posted here was April 18, 2011. That was a long time ago. About that same time, I just plain quit visiting all the blogs of my dear friends. Just quit.

Now, here I am, trying to explain myself. And to be completely honest, I really have no explanation. We came back home from our winter trip to Nevada and I just did nothing. I've looked back over this past several months and tried to conger up a reason why I became so lethargic and unexcited about life. I certainly was not depressed in any usual sense. I just felt as if I was suspended in time and couldn't really move forward.

Admittedly, we were expecting to receive a call any time to go out to Chicago and help our daughter who was moving into a new (to her) house and due to red tape, the call didn't come until July. But that, in itself, shouldn't have kept me from posting on my blog....or for that matter, reading other blogs.

I did manage to weed, plant and mulch in my flower garden.

And wash the windows on my porch. But for the first time in my married life, I did not wash all the windows in my house this spring. And guess what? My house is still standing. I, however, don't look out the windows.

By the time I was just coming out of my stupor, both our girls came home for a few days. This was a real tread and I did spend some time preparing for that. They came specifically to pay tribute to their grandmother who passed away in February. Since neither of the girls could make it at that time, we planned a little memorial for her.

They made their favorite "Grandma W" cookie and toasted her with then. The brought bubbles and blew them into the wind.

Grandma always made little creatures called "rock babies" with them, so they made rock babies for her grave.

We had a short, but delightful, visit together before they each had to head back to their homes.

And I ended up with cellulitis. The doctor thinks I somehow got it in the cemetery. That led to antibiotics which led to a pretty ugly reaction, which led to some other problems that I am just now getting under control. On top of that I had a crown on one of my back teeth. It hurt from the beginning and we spent two weeks trying adjustments only to finally decide it is dying and I need a root canal. I have had a toothache for nearly a month.

I still believe none of the above reasons are why I haven't been writing. I'm still pondering the reasons, and may never have an answer. In the meantime, I am determined to get back to business. So, as I go off to read some of your blogs, I hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive me and begin to read my paltry postings once again.

~Hippo Hugs~


PAM said...

I still love you, Pam...never stopped! I am so happy to hear from you. You've been in a funk, and it happens to the best of us.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, it is really flying.

Renie Burghardt said...

What a sweet way for your daughters to pay tribute to their grandma.

I have not written a blog in over a year. Just have not felt like it. Glad you wrote though. Hope your tooth is better. Nothing worse than a tooth ache!

Enjoy the rest of the summer. It really is flying by.



CAmport said...

Nothing wrong with taking a break from the computer!! I wish I could take longer breaks than I do. Welcome back!


Dagmar said...

Welcome have been missed....thanks for checking in with me again.

Midlife Mom said...

I'm doing the happy dance right here in the den! So glad you are back but completely understand when we sometimes have to take a bloggy break. Been there myself and sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason. You certainly have had a lot on your plate to contend with. A toothache for a month would do me in!!! I hate my crown, I've had it for five years and it still hurts when I bite down on something SOFT! Hard is okay but soft hurts, go figure!

So glad your girls got a chance to get home even if for only a short visit. Short visits are precious, especially the reason they came home this time.

I have never had cellulitis but I have heard that it is very painful! Is it caused from an insect bite that you got in the cemetery?

You know, my windows didn't get washed this spring, my veggie garden, such as it is, has lots of weeds and there is dust enough in this house to have a dust bowl but I am trying to enjoy our short summer spending time outside with my grand kids and horses. I bet'cha it will be right there in the fall!!! HA!!

So glad you are back, you have been MISSED!!! xoxo

Tracy said...

I'll admit - I missed your blog! I wasn't surprised by your break because I know you rarely sit still enough to get to your computer. busy, busy! As the seasons change and schedules change sometimes I find it hard to carve out time for my blog too. It's like a toy that I sometimes tire of. I keep reading and enjoying other's blogs, but feel uninspired to blog about things that seem mundane in my daily life. "Today I woke up, cleaned up my house a little, went to work, came home, made dinner, went to a soccer game, fretted about all the fun things I didn't do. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat." lol

Anne said...

It was so sweet seeing you in June. What a creative way for your girls to honor their grandmother. I'm happy to read when you feel like sharing! Please don't feel blog guilt, this is not a job and most people I know don't even have a blog. Thank you for sharing when you do. Hope your tooth feels better soon. (I went through the same crown/root canal thing last year - ugh!) Hugs back at ya!

Nancy said...

Just thought I'd hop over and see if you had written lately! I did a post last month and had planned on doing it on a regular basis but just never enough time in a day anymore to do everything! Always happy to visit when you do post, though!

What a sweet way for your girls to remember their grandmother! I didn't realize that Wormy had been gone since 1986! Gee, time is flying right by us! Did you happen to visit Karen's grave while there? I was there and visited her grave and also Don Dow's grave one time when I was home. I wish now I had taken pictures of all the headstones so as to remember the year they passed on. Karen was 43, I believe, so I guess I could figure it out.

Hope your tooth is doing better now! I have 9 crowns and none have ever given me any problem OR.....any pain, for that matter!

Take care, and let me know when you do a post...that way, it'll remind me to come by and check it out!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! It's only 86 here so far this morning, but TV says it feels like 101...the humidity here is so high all summer and most of Fall, too!

Hugs to you both!