Friday, May 25, 2007

Strength for the Day

It never ceases to amaze me that I have developed a love for gardening. As I was spreading the eight bags of mulch needed to protect my garden from being overtaken by unsightly weeds, I was overcome with joy and thanksgiving that I had the strength to complete this task. I was moved to drop my hoe and just thank God for His goodness to me. And then it dawned on me. God didn't just in His grace and mercy endow me with this newfound strength. Not that He isn't able to do that, He could, but that might be too easy. No, God in his infinite wisdom, decided that I needed to work for my strength and so led me to Curves for Women. Several years ago, my doctor suggested that Curves might help my fibromyalgia. She said at the very least, it couldn't hurt.

EXERCISE! Me? Along with not having a creative bone in my body for the first 50 years of my life, I was also one of the weakest women alive. I hated almost all physical activity except walking for as long as I can remember. But, as my husband, the golfer, says we are playing the back nine and need to stay as strong as possible. So, off I went to Curves and as they say, "the rest is history". Hence the strength to work my garden. Today, was the easy part -- just container planting. I'm tired, but doesn't it all look lovely?

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