Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life without the Internet!

Jim tells me all the time that I'm addicted to the Internet. Although, I deny that categorically, I do think I have a slightly unhealthy attachment to it. That has pretty much been proven this past week in Vegas where I have no Internet connection in the condo we are renting.

I find myself wandering around the condo feeling lost and out of sorts. Is it, could it be? No, not withdrawal. I'm sure withdrawal would be much more painful. Wouldn't I be pacing, crying out, crawling the walls? This is just a mild case of , of, of - okay withdrawl!!!!!

So, I've tried exercising more. It is good for my body and mind I'll admit, but it doesn't keep me from longing for blogspots and postings; for my online crossword puzzle and emails. Oh for just a few minutes of checking my bank balances and library holds. Just thinking of these things makes me sigh heaviily.

I know the library isn't far away. I can be there is just ten short minutes, but it's just not the same as my own little office where I can blog whenever I desire, email my dear friends, check bank balances at the touch of a key. I'm days and days behind in posting on my picture link. The pictures are taken, just not downloaded and uploaded. Oh My!!!

All kidding aside, I am enjoying the beautiful weather here in Nevada. I awake every morning to sunshine. We walk to the nearby park where I walk and Jim shoots baskets. This morning I took my coffee and the newspaper with me to enjoy after I walked. I met two delightful dogs today; Lexus (a beautiful black cocker) and Mercedes ( a white poodle). Tomorrow I'm going to take some doggie treats with me.

We've attended the church we found last year and tomorrow I'm going to Ladies' Bible Study. There is a Curves within ten minutes drive and the library is just around the corner from there.

Today we are at Brian and Gretchen's house. Gretch is working, but Brian and Jim are planting trees and shrubs. And I, I am using Gretchen & Brian's internet connection. Who coud ask for anything more?

So, I guess Internet aside, I am truly enjoying my break from Upstate New York's winter. Love and Hugs to all.


Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh,Have a wonderful time.. Enjoy the faamily..God Bless you and safe travels!

Cheryl Wray said...

I am also ADDICTED to the Internet. But I totally admit it! :-)

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time!!!!

Nancy said...

You are missing the internet, and I am missing your frequent posts! Sounds like you are having an enjoyable and relaxing time!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I hope you are having fun in nevada.. Stay safe and have a blessed week..

Tracy said...

I have to tell you, I visited Malcom Riggs 2 days ago I have lateral epicondylitis in my left arm... fancy name for tennis elbow. I've been suffering for weeks and weeks now!
Amberly accused me of spending too much time at the keyboard. Nooooooo...

Derek said...

Tax season sux. . .oh. . .but don't let that effect your ability to have fun, m'kay??