Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunny Monday in Henderson

It's a beautiful day here in Henderson, Nevada. We're really excited about the weather forecast for this coming week as our friends are coming to visit and we want to show off for them.

We've been having a really nice time since I last posted. I did go to Women's Bible study last week, Wednesday. What a delightful time. I was so welcomed and felt at home at once. Maybe that's because as I walked through the door I saw the one of the few people I know in the LV area. Standing just inside the door was Phyllis, the manager of the camp I went to with Gretchen last summer. What fun! I don't think I've written about Phyllis before this. She is an outstanding lady. A strong Christian with a wonderful sense of humor, compassion abounding and great hugs. What a joy. It just so happens she is teaching one of the study groups and there was room in it for me. Joy! Joy!

We also managed to see two movies. We were so excited when we read in the paper that Sr. Citizens could see movies at one of the local casinos for $3 on Monday and Thursday afternoons. So, Thursday, off we went to see "27 Dresses". Jim walked up to the cashier and announced that we were there for the Sr. discount movie. The "very bored" young man looked up and said "That's 65 and up". $14.50 later I consoled myself with the fact that one look told that whippersnapper that we didn't look like "geezers". Anyway, the movie was funny and we had an enjoyable afternoon.

We had dinner with Brian and Gretchen on Wednesday. Jim and Bri cooked beautiful steaks on the grill. Gretchen prepared asparagus that was just perfect. That along with rice and bread made a wonderful meal. It's just fun to spend time with them, food or no food.

Sunday found us at Green Valley UMC again. We just love their contemporary service. It was good to be there worshipping again. It feels like home to us and we are blessed to have found this place to worship.

We are really looking forward to seeing our friends Jeff and Jan tomorrow. We have lots of fun plans, including a trip to Williams, AZ and the Grand Canyon.

It's way past lunch time and we are ravenous so I'm going to run and feed the hungry beast - that doesn't necessarily mean Jim.

I'm still working on pictures. Maybe next time.


camport said...

Williams?? Are you guys taking the train up to the Canyon?? I hope so, because it is a BLAST!

Glad you guys are having a good time in NV. Isn't this weather amazing?


Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!! The movie, and the food, and the times with friends and family...spectacular! And how wonderful that you've found a church you like (I knew I liked you...I'm a UMC girl myself!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I miss Nevada -- the sunny, lazy days. Though it sounds like you've been busy. Have a great day!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Have fun and I look forward to the pictures..

Tracy said...

I love reading your updates! We've got about 8 inches of snow or more (maybe 10???) and it's about 8degrees outside.

Cheryl Wray said...

Hope your trip is going great!!