Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Looks aren't everything, BUT

This is an open letter to President-elect Obama and his wife, Michelle.
Dear President-elect and Mrs. Obama,

It was so down to earth and real of the president elect to tell the press that you had promised your daughters a puppy if elected. Well, that has happened and it looks as if you are going to be true to your word. Mr. Obama stated that his preference would be to adopt a dog from a shelter, but allergies might prevent that.
We, too, had problems with allergies and pets. Sadly, we used that as an excuse to refrain from having pets in our household when the truth was, we didn't' want pets. Having, since, to do an about face and fall in love with our adopted dog who is now in "doggie heaven", I would like to make an appeal to you.
When I turned on my computer this morning, the first thing I saw was a picture of a hypo-allergenic dog that has been offered to your family. Hence, this letter. Please, please Mr. Obama, do some research and don't accept this poor puppy for your daughters.

I'm sure this poor dog needs a home, but think of your dear little girls. This poor animal looks more like a donkey than a dog. I know looks aren't everything, but think of the teasing your children will experience at school. Children can be cruel and will taunt them for being the owners of a "donkey dog". I have done some research today and think perhaps you should look farther before you make any decisions.
Consider, please, the bichon friese:

These little guys are likely to be non-allergenic pets. And isn't he just too cute?

Or a poodle.

Another hypo-allergenic doggie. These animals are considered to be highly intelligent and come in several sizes, one I'm sure appropriate for the White House.

How about a Doodleman Pinsher?

Though a little unusual, these babies grow up to be a rather handsome dog.

Now I know you can't have a small horse like my daughter, Paige,
Nor will there ever be another dog as dear and loving as my Frazier,

but please, Senator, think long and hard about this very important decision. Remember your children's regard for you may depend on it.


Hippo Chick


Winifred said...

Frazier looks a lovely fella. It's so sad when you lose a pet. After all they're part of the family.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Donkey dog? Haha. Those little fluffy dogs are adorable, but give me a small horse, like Paige has, any day! And Frazier was a beauty! I lost my good boy Rottie, Oscar,
last year, and it still breaks my heart to think about it. Every time I go near that edge of the woods where he is buried, I tell him how much I miss him. Of course, I have 2 other dogs, and love them just as much.

It will be interesting to see what kind of a dog will be chosen to live in the White House. Surely it won't be a donkey dog. LOL.

Have a nice evening.



Tracy said...

"...This poor animal looks more like a donkey than a dog..."
Pam - I laughed so hard when I read that! Well, Brian will flip out if they get a little, yappy poodle (you know how he loves labs). Maybe the new First Family would be interested in sharing custody of a 4-month-old Choco Lab???

Cheryl Wray said...

This is SO cute and funny!!

I can't wait to see what puppy he gets for his girls! :-)

Nancy said...

That poor little hairless dog!

What kind was Frazier? His little face is just precious! He looks like a dachshund....I know how attached a person can become to an animal. Tim is facing euthanasia next week with Punky.....

Wonder what kind of dog the new President elect will get for his girls??? That should be interesting!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Monogram Queen said...

Huge pet lover here and rescuer of many.
I can't help it - probably going to hell for laughing at that poor ugly peruvian dog and the thought of those girls' faces if that was what they were given. Oh dear.