Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Birthday Celebration

I don't know about anybody else, but it's always hard for me to find any reason to celebrate Labor Day. I'll admit to it being a little better since it no longer means my family going back to school. When Jim was teaching and the girls were in school, I just dreaded Labor Day. Even though the girls were always ready to get back to school, their friends and their routines and Jim's return to teaching meant regular paychecks, I still hated to see it come.

I was one of those Moms who loved my kids being home. I always looked forward to school vacations. It meant sleeping later, leisurely breakfasts and hanging out with the girls and Jim. Of course, after I went to work, that changed a little but thanks to a very flexible schedule (I was after all, the maker of the schedule) I usually managed to have time at home with them. And summer, well summer was just a wonderful time. All during elementary school, we found plenty of ways to fritter away our summer days. Jim usually painted houses and the girls and I, well we had lots of fun.

High school years found the girls working away at Circle C Ranch - that was hard at first. I really missed them. It was easier after I went back to work, but still I missed them. Somehow Jim and I managed to get through those summers and have lots of fun together. Most of their college years found them working around here so we, once again, had lots of leisure time together. We usually managed to have a family vacation during that time. I think one of the best summers was when they both worked around home and we celebrated Christmas in July with totally useless gifts from the Dollar Store. That summer, the girls decided to write a musical, believe it or not, to the music of ABBA. I think theirs was much funnier than Mama Mia.

Okay, so where is all the summer nostalgia leading? Back to my not particularly loving Labor Day. I think in the depths of my soul I see it as a harbinger of WINTER. But this year, I was happy about Labor Day because Shelly was throwing a surprise party for Bruce's 60TH birthday. And did she ever surprise him. It was such fun.

Doesn't he look surprised. Shelly had invited friends, his children and granddaughter, and his sister and hubby for dinner at 5. No problem, so she thought. Except they were in their summer home in the mountains and he was in no hurry to start for home. She finally got him on the road at 12:30 (a 3-1/2 hour ride from home). Luckily, she was driving her own car. She ended up calling his sister to pick up food ordered from Wegman's.

Pat and Jim to the rescue.

Jeremy and Kara and Charlotte stopped by and decorated the house and we all arrived just about the same time and really surprised him. It was loads of fun and the gifts were fun too.

Some were funny - Here is Super Senior Citizen.

Some were fun - and useful. This will go on a wall in the mountain cabin.

Silly grownups forgot about taking pictures of sweet Charlotte until the end of the evening when she was ready for sleep. She is such a darling baby, so good natured and easy going. She was passed from person to person all evening and kept a cheerful spirit through it all.

Yesterday was her first day of school so to speak as Mommy was going back to teaching for the first time since Charlotte's birth. I got a great picture of her back to school shoes.

Aren't they adorable?

Even though we managed to have a good time celebrating Grandpa Bruce's birthday, Kara was struggling with the thought of leaving her baby to go back to work. Full circle. Every Labor Day, there are Moms and Dads feeling sad about the end of summer and special time with their children. As I am praying for Kara and Jeremy, I remind them, "Before you know it, Christmas vacation will be here."

~Hippo Hugs~

If you want an accounting of your worth,

Count your friends.

~Mary Worth


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

What a fun birthday celebration! Loved all the pictures. I can imagine baby Charlotte's Mom not looking forward to leaving her.

Like you, I always dreaded the end of summer, and still do. My daughter does as well. Her older daughter went back to college a week ago, and they really miss her!

Have a great rest of the week.



camport said...

Labor day for us is back to school and a birthday! So it's kinda bittersweet. Love the Super Senior Citizen get up, too funny. I feel so bad for the Teacher with a baby. I can't imagine feeling a call to teach{I fully believe it's a calling. I could NEVER deal with other peoples kids all day long, every single day!} while having such a sweet little baby at home. God bless her!


Laura said...

You always have the best celebrations!!

Monogram Queen said...

I totally get what you mean about Labor Day - I love spending time with my girl too. I don't "think" i'll ever be one of those Mom's who is thankful school started but remind of this in case I am!

I love Charlotte's shoes, those were the only kind we could keep on Maddie when she was that age!

pam said...

Looks like a fun birthday.

Labour Day and the whole month of September hold great memories for me. This is my favourite time of year!

Ms.L said...

I love your look,those flowers are so cheerful and bright!

I had the best of both worlds this Labour Day,one was off to school and one was at home with me:)

Nancy said...

I read the entire page of posts before I commented about the accident...and wanted to add my 2 cents to that....I think when someone is arrested for drunk driving, that should be the END of their driver's license, period!!! No slap on the wrist for the offense and all the ones that are sure to follow that one, cause they will do it again!!! Same as pedofiles....death penalty, period! They cannot be rehabilitated, so why waste our tax dollars on such people!!!

Anyhow, I did enjoy reading your posts...I, too, have slacked off on blogging. Yes, Facebook has taken its place, or I should say the games on Facebook! I am hooked on one, but only one now. I really don't have time for it takes hours and hours!

I am in the process of finishing my guest bath! Plumber will be here at 9am today to seat the commode! I have to get in there now and get the new baseboard and quarter round painted before they get here! Had the carpenter here Wed. to put the new base down and then yesterday the carpet guys were here to finish the edges where the carpet and tile meet in foyer and guest bath. Also they tacked the carpet down by the back door where I also laid some tile. Then I had a couple of repairs where "someone" had dug throught the carpet and pad all the way to the floor itself outside the laundry room door! Wonder who could have done that? None other than dear little Oreo!!!

Why I am in a rush about getting this done is I am getting a new cat tomorrow! Her mommy is flying in with her tomorrow all the way from Houston, TX! This is a special needs kitty who would have been put to sleep had she not found a new home. Her daddy is so allergic to her that he was actually in bed and couldn't even hold a job any longer. Anyhow, I am going to do a new post on the cats we have lost recently and then this new one. Her name is Sarah and she has asthma quite bad and needs breathing treatments 2-3 times a day. I was thoroughly checked out in order to adopt her. Anyhow, her mommy and I have become good friends and she will be staying til Monday night when she will fly back to Houston. She has had this cat for 7 years so you know how hard it is going to be for her to say goodbye. THey didn't know what was wrong with her hubby til he got a job in Houston (they lived in Phoenix) and he was away from the cat for 2 months before Tracy, his wife, could join him. He started feeling better every day and then finally had no symptoms at all! Soon as she moved to Houston with the cats (they had 2) he started getting sick again. So I am giving this dear tiny little kitty a furr-ever home! I love her already!!!

That's it from my little corner of the world! Catch you later! I'll let you know via FB when I post.

Hi to Jim and love to you both!

((( HUGS)))