Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Terrific Tuesday Thoughts

It's a beautiful September day here in Upstate NY. I started my day with Loser Breakfast. What better way to start your day than spending time with your dearest friends. Jim was waiting for me when I arrived home and we went on our walk. Now that school has started we can't walk on the high school track so we walk in the cemetery. It was a perfect day for walking, except that my iPod battery ran down on the first lap. Somehow that slows me down a little.

We've mowed today and I finally got some household chores crossed off my list. Now I can blog without guilt .

Cheryl had some fun Random Tuesday thoughts today which gave me an idea for this post. Hers were all the best things happening in her life right now. Mine are just going to be really random thoughts running through my mind right now.

The most amazing thing I can think of is my ornamental peach tree. While we were working outside a while ago, Jim said I should take a look at the peach tree. I couldn't believe my eyes. The branches were loaded down with peaches. I was afraid some of the boughs would break under the weight. I picked over a hundred peaches, not edible, of course.

Without any segue, I think the most disappointing recent happening would be the behavior of both Serena Williams and my favorite, Roger Federer at the US Open. The media has made much, as they should, about the horribly unacceptable behavior of Serena on Saturday evening. Her outburst has been shown over and over. In spite of what she said on her website, I don't think her actions on morning talk shows and in press conferences show any remorse. That said, Roger Federer who I always thought was a gentleman behaved badly on Sunday evening when he swore at the referee during the men's final. Granted, he didn't threaten the ref' with violence, but his language and demeanor didn't show any class.

Hey, how about the best thing I've purchased? Oh yeah, baby. Yesterday we finally bit the bullet and went out to buy a new flat screen TV. Jim has been talking about this for quite some time and I'm okay with it too. We had a little disagreement about the size and finally agreed on 47 inches. That, however, is not the best purchase. While Jim was finalizing the delivery arrangements, I was browsing around and found the Complete Second Season of Designing Women. OMIGOSH! I was so excited. I looked for the first season, but it wasn't there. Nevertheless, now I know it's available and will purchase it when I see it. In the meantime, the second season is sitting here waiting the arrival of the new TV. As excited as I am, it won't be quite as much fun to watch it without my girls. That was our favorite show. When Paige went off to college, Gretchen and I taped all the segments and we had a Designing Women's night when she came home for Christmas vacation.

The best thing I've listened to would be Paige's You Tube posting of Patsy Cline. I forget sometimes how much I love that woman's voice. Thanks, Paige.

Jim's waiting for me to go the garage and drop off my car for it's yearly inspection so I'll close with the best thing I've eaten. Jim and I provided dinner at his brother and SIL's on Friday night. On the way to Pennsylvania, we stopped at a Weg*man's store and bought their new Ultimate White Cake to share with the family. There aren't words. It was scrumptious. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Talk to you soon.

~Hippo Hugs~


Laura said...

I'm am NOT going to mention the new little present you and Jim decided to buy yourselves because then I would have to hear all about it from my hubby. We have yet to make a the purchase of a new flat screen tv simply because we anticipate moving within the next year and who knows WHAT size TV we'll need then?!

As for Serena Williams, I was thoroughly disappointed. I realize they are human and make mistakes, but why is it that I am always so disappointed and heartbroken when it's someone that I admire and look up to? So sad.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Wow, on your best purchases. Both
where great! I am thinking about a flat screen TV as well, and also a
new laptop Both will be purchased in the near future.

I loved Designing Women. Funny and fun, and could be viewed by the family. Last year, someone talked me into watching what they said was a hilarious comedy-Two and a Half Men! Oi Veh! Just a bit too raunchy for my taste.

Oh, and that cake sounds scrumptious!

Tomorrow is our Chinese Buffet day, and I'm looking forward to it. Have a great rest of the week.



Monogram Queen said...

Federer should get the same punishment I would mete on Serena. Should have been immediately escorted from the court and banned for x number of games.
Well I may not be in your "loser" club but I have been doing well on my own. I need to blog about it. It looks like i'm back to blogging at least until WWIII erupts again! LOL Good to be back

Cheryl Wray said...

It's crazy, Pam, how mcuh we have in common!! :-)

I am SO excited about Designing Women finally appearing on DVD. I'm thinking that the first two seasons will be two of my Christmas gift requests. Man, do I ever love that show!!

I also was so disappointed in both Serena and Roger. Although I have always felt like Roger is a bit egotisticaal; don't know why, maybe just because he is so good. :-) I hate to see athletes act like that!

Back when I was in college, I went through a serious Patsy Cline stage. I need to get some Patsy out to teach to Sydney.

Have a wonderful day!

Diane said...

I would say that your purchase choices are perfect! LOVED Designing Women. I love Patsy Cline too. Have done Crazy, Walkin After Midnight, and She's Got You several times at karaoke! LOL I know that if we lived closer, we would be the bestest of friends. We have SO much in common!! OMG!!

Hugs to you,

Patti_Cake said...

Pam, I don't think I knew that you had family that lived in Jersey Shore, PA. How cool. The crime is unreal now. I have a dear aunt that is terminal with cancer and I am fairly sure I will be going up in the next 6 months for her funeral and I was telling our friend Denny that we wanted to stay at the Genetti (an old luxury hotel downtown) instead of with relatives so we could come/go as we please and he said it is simply not safe down there anymore and recomended we stay on the "golden strip" instead. My Mother won't be going but I love going with my Dad and hearing him tell me all the stories about this person/place. Awesome.

Midlife Mom said...

I never missed an episode of Designing Women! The shows were so much cleaner back then weren't they? I loved the aunt that was on there sometimes, I can't think of her name right now but it will come to me when I least expect it! lol! Have fun watching all of season two on that new flat screen tv! We have a 47 inch and it is just perfect, bigger then that and things seem to be distorted a bit.

How come you can't eat the peaches? We can't grow those here so I don't know much about them other then buying them at the grocery store.

The actions at the tennis championships were shameful. What a horrible example to set for the kids watching the matches! Shame on them, they get a little bit too full of themselves don't they?

It's lovely and cool here now. I just adore this kind of weather and have lots of energy to get things done. It rained every day while we were in Texas but we still had a great time. I'd love to go back again sometime!