Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Happening?

I have such good intentions. I plan to post regularly....the way I used to. But things just get in the way. What kind of things, you say? Well....things like getting a dental crown. Two hours in the dentists chair, drilling, polishing, chipping away, things like that take up some of my time. Of course, there's my weekly breakfast meeting with the Loser Housewives. This is a picture of us taken last week. I feel so blessed to have these wonderful women as friends and sisters in Christ.

And then there were some other things like purchasing and planting flowers for my hanging baskets and other pots.
The mama bird in this little house doesn't like it much when I come around with my flowers.

These baskets hang on our flag holder.

This pot was painted for me by my niece, Kacy. I treasure it and love having it on my front stoop.

We purchased these Adirondack chairs and table to put under our Flowering Crab tree in the front yard. This tree is 37 years old, a gift on the birth of our first child. We call it the Paige Tree.
With Memorial Day weekend coming up, a lot of people will be visiting the cemetery and I want people who look at my mom's grave to know she was cherished. I would prefer living flowers, but living so far away, I can't take care of them. Hence the wreath. I looked at many wreaths and they are quite expensive. This little wreath didn't cost much and I have the satisfaction of making this myself. I think my mom would be proud of me.

Jim and I are off tomorrow to spend a couple of days visiting his brother and wife, as well as his mom. It's always fun to go to Pennsylvania and spend time with family.
Until next time,
~Hippo Hugs~


Lynilu said...

It's good when LIFE gets in the way of blogging, isn't it? :) Have fun!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, love all your gorgeous hanging baskets, and the Adirondack chairs are beautiful. Have a nice time in Pa! We'll be hanging out at the cabin this weekend. I hope the weather co-operates, as I haven't done any jet skiing yet this year, and am looking forward to get on the water this weekend.



Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like everything is going swimmingly for you!
LOVE the adirondack chairs. I have some lime green ones.
Also love the 'paige tree'.
Enjoy your visit to PA. Think of me!

Sharon said...

Enjoy your time in PA. I love the Paige tree.
I would love to have those adirondack chairs on my deck.
Your flowers are beautiful.I am finally getting a few planted.I have had to pick my time between storms.

Midlife Mom said...

Your yard and flowers look so pretty and I love the red chairs! I'm still waiting for any chance of frost at night before I set out my flowers. Imagine, 92* during the day but still a chance of frost at night! Go figure!

Your post about the educational e-mails just cracked me up! I think I have gotten every single one of them too! haha! It acutally has made me a little germaphobic I think!

What a nice looking group of friends you are. I bet you all have such a good time together. It is truly a blessing to have sisters in Christ to share our lives with isn't it?

Have a wonderful time on your trip and come home safe and sound!!

pam said...

Have a nice time away. I think your mom would love the wreath...very nice. And, all your flower pots look great too.