Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Where have I been? Where am I going? Where am I at the present time? All those are good questions.
  • Where have I been....as far as my blog is concerned? I'm not sure I have a really understandable or acceptable answer to that. The summer was particularly busy with a lot of short trips. I spent time with my niece and sister-in-law, visited my mother in law, camped with some of my girlfriends, spent some time in the mountains with Bruce and Shelly. My Aunt Letty, my mother's last sibling, passed away. That was a difficult loss. I suppose all of these things are good reasons for not blogging. But, if the truth were known, I just have found it hard to blog. More and more of my good ol' bloggin' buddies are not posting anymore. I think FB has taken over priorities for them. I'm sure FB has kept me from posting as much too. I miss my regular pals in Blogland. All of these things have worked together to add to my lack of blogging enthusiasm. So, I apologize. I really do love blogging and plan to work harder at posting more often.

  • Where have I been....geographically? Oh my! Since September 1, I have been in the Pacific Northwest....having a fabulous time.

September 1-4 - Seattle.

We toured the harbor, rode up in the Space Needle, explored Pioneer Square and roamed around Pike Street Market among many other things in this beautiful city on Puget Sound.

September 4-5 - The Northern Cascade Loop. We started in Seattle and ended up in Bellingham, WA. What a beautiful drive.

Yesterday we arrived here in Port Angeles, WA. It was a cold and rainy day so we read and relaxed in the afternoon.

The nice part about not having a really tight agenda is the ability to change plans. Because of a lot of fog today, we decided to skip Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park and check out some other sights. We took two delightful hikes to see some beautiful falls.

Tomorrow marks the first full week of our vacation. It is hard to fathom all the beautiful things we have seen. Every day I say to Jim, "How can anyone believe that all this just happened? " This is, without a doubt, proof of a Creator.
We are changing our plans a little, causing me quite a bit of disappointment. We have decided to opt for exploring Hurricane Ridge rather than ferrying to Victoria Island. We have a couple of days at the end of the trip without any plans. I hope we can still get to Victoria. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

Until later....

Hippo Hugs


camport said...

Don't you want to just pack up and move to Seattle?? That little white building you took a pic of is my fave in the city. Did you know it was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi River? And that a man built it for his daughters wedding reception b/c there were no other suitable places good enough for her? I LOVE that story. Love all the pictures, even if they do make me homesick for a place that isn't home{yet}.

Have fun on the rest of your trip!


Renie Burghardt said...

Never been to the Pacific Northwest, and now I want to go there! Your pictures are gorgeous. Glad you're having a wonderful time.

One of these days, I may blog again, then again, I may not.

Big Hugs!


Midlife Mom said...

Don't you dare poop out on us! lol! I would miss your posts and your comments on my posts very much. I have been slack on posting this summer but am trying to get back on track now that fall is here.

You've seen some beautiful places and I agree with you that they are sure proof of a Creator not just an explosion of some rock that all fell into place!!!!!!! xoxox