Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Few Days in the Adirondacks

We had a great time visiting with Bruce and Shelly at their summer home in the Adirondacks. The weather was iffy, but nice enough that we spent some time outside. Saturday was a perfect "deck" day and we spent the afternoon sunning and catching up. Of course, I managed to get a nap in. There is something about that mountain air....

There was also just enough rain to allow us plenty of time to read. Jim did accomplish several little jobs for Bruce. Since that was part of the reason for our visit, it was good that he could do a few things.

Bruce is continuing to improve. Although the road to recovery is still a long one, he is doing well. He uses his wheel chair less and less all the time. We went out several times and he didn't use the chair at all. I'm so proud of how hard he is working and the progress he is making. Shelly is a good care giver and coach.

The highlight of this trip was our trip to Blue Mountain Lake for dinner at The Hedges. The food was outstanding as was the service. I snapped a few pictures, none of which really do it justice.

I know this is probably a strange picture, but the entire dining room, walls and ceilings was this beautiful, decorative tin. I've seen tin ceilings before, but I think this is the first time I've seen an entire room done in it.

Isn't this an unusual stump?

The sunset was really much more breathtaking than this.

How would you like to meet this guy on a hiking path?

We arrived home yesterday about 1 PM. I've done laundry and made spaghetti sauce from the fresh tomatoes in our garden and now I'm off to visit some of my family in Pennsylvania.
~Hippo Hugs~


Renie Burghardt said...

I love the mountains, and that sunset is beautiful! Glad Bruce is doing better and better. Enjoy Pa.



Midlife Mom said...

So glad that you had such a nice time in the mountains. Isn't it wonderful to be out in the great outdoors just enjoying God's beauty around you?! I was outside at least 7 hours yesterday and almost as much today and just loved it.

The pictures you took are beautiful. I love the old tin ceilings and have never seen it on the walls too. How beautiful! That stump is a strange one!

So happy to hear that Bruce is up and going on his own. I'm sure Shelley has been his biggest supporter along with you and your hubby.

Hope you have a wonderful time in PA visiting!!!

Sharon said...

So glad to hear that Bruce is doing better.
Prayers to continue for his total recovery.
Your photos are just beautiful and do look relaxing.
We do need rain bad, It is so hot here.
Enjoy your time with family in PA.

Tracy said...

I've been out of blogland for some time now (can you say summer schedule?!) It's nice to catch up with your fun posts and pretty pics.

Dana said...

Can I go with you next time? Please?

PAM said...

What a lovely location to visit. I am so glad Bruce is doing so well.

hippo chick said...

Dana, You guys would have such fun there. It is heaven.
Pam, Many prayers have been answered.

Mississippi Songbird said...

WOW! Beautiful place.. Now, I wanna Glad you had fun..

Nancy said...

PLaying a little catch up here! I have been away from blogging waaaay too long but see that you are still busy all the time! Loved seeing all your pics and reading some of your posts....makes me want to write again now! But when will I ever find the time? LOL

Good 'seeing' you again! Enjoyed my visit, as always!

((( HUGS )))

Midlife Mom said...

Just stopping in and checking up on you. Hope you had a wonderful visit with your friends in PA. We just got back from New Hampshire with the grandkids so I am still resting up! ha!