Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've Been Tagged

My very interesting blogging buddy, Lyn recently tagged me. Like her, I don't love these tags, but also like her, I haven't been tagged in a while, so here goes.

Here is how it goes:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to her blog. (Check)

2. Share eight things about yourself (Check)

3. Pay it forward to eight bloggers. (I'm not sure...give me a few minutes on this one.)

4. Contact those bloggers to tell them they have been chosen in this tag. (See 3.)

  1. Although it is hard for me to believe, I will have been retired six years on January 31st. I left my job as Library Director of our local public library just before my 60th birthday. Jim had already been retired from his teaching position for 2-1/2 years, and though I loved my job, I felt it was time to be free to spend time with him. We have really enjoyed our time together this past six years. The other day I remarked to him that every day I'm retired I love it more.
  2. I have a tattoo. It was my plan to get a tattoo on my 6oth birthday, but we were in DisneyWorld and they just don't have tattoo parlors there. My tattoo is a dragonfly on my ankle. Getting a tattoo was my way of thumbing my nose at old age.
  3. This sounds funny, following my tattoo disclosure, but I am an Evangelical Christian. Although I was raised in the church, I didn't really accept salvation through grace until I was 25 years old. The past 40 years, have been the best of my life. I am deeply aware of how I fail to live up to the name Christian, but I am so grateful for God's grace and mercy that keep me going and striving in this life.
  4. If I were to start over in a career I would choose Television Journalism. I think I would make a great anchorwoman or tv interviewer. What a great profession that would be. Can't you just see it now? The NBC Evening News with Anchorwoman, Pam Wolfanger.
  5. Jim and I have a Bucket List. We have accomplished many things on our list already. Some of the remaining things are: riding a zip line, white water rafting, take ballroom dance lessons, travel to Costa Rica, actually travelling to many places too numerous to list. I also want to own a Mini-Cooper and write a book about the town in which I grew up. And that's just a small portion of my list.
  6. At 66, I am the last member of my immediate family. My parents both passed away within a year of each other. My precious brother left this world in 1998 and I miss him every day. My sister died of lung cancer several years ago. It's hard to believe that I am the only one left. I am so wonderfully blessed with an in-law family who love me and treat me like a sister and daughter. When I hear people complain about their in-laws, I always take a minute to thank God for this wonderful family in which he placed me.
  7. I am one of the world's greatest procrastinators. I'd say more about that, but I think I'll wait awhile.
  8. I have a wonderful husband and children. I am so proud of my daughters. They are both bright, outgoing and caring women who make me happy to be their mother. My son-in-law is a joy to me. What a kind and thoughtful man. He kind of reminds me of the girls' father, my precious husband of 42 years.

Okay, if I were going to send this to eight people, they would be:

  • Cheryl, whose blogs always inspire me to write more. I always think how proud her mother must be of her.
  • Fay, whose strong faith encourages me.
  • Dagmar, who is one of the most creative bloggers I've met so far. Her blog is just beautiful.
  • Patti, Oh Patti, you are precious.
  • Tracy, my creative and delightful next door neighbor.
  • Chrissy, who I love like a daughter and always makes me laugh.
  • Midlife Mom, whose faith and joy amaze me.
  • Pam, who I identify with.


PAM said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me!! I love your bucket list and the procrastination point made me laugh out loud!

CAmport said...

A tattoo, huh? ;) I love it!

I'll try to do this on my blog, but I've got a post about my mom brewing that must get put down in words first.


Renie Burghardt said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, Pam. Love the tatto as a way of thumbing your nose at old age! And you would have made a great anchor woman.



Lynilu said...

A tattoo?? How cool!! I've wanted to get something unobtrusive, but I never get around to it. It's not a fear, just indecision about what, where, etc. I want to see a picture of yours!

I'm impressed with the Bucket List. I wish I had someone to share that sort of thing with. Maybe I should look for someone to buddy up with for a tattoo!

Lynilu said...

LOL! I just noticed I did a bad grammar thing, something you and I both comments on recently!

I wish I had someone with whom to share that sort of thing. There! All better! [grin]

Dagmar said...

Thanks Pam so much for including me in your blog..I am humbled and so your bucket list...important to enjoy our lives one day at a time.
Blessings to you.

Sharon said...

I truly enjoyed reading your meme list.
I really like the one about thumbing your nose at old age.
have a great day.

Midlife Mom said...

What a great list! I enjoyed reading it and learning more about you. I too have a (small) bucket list, one thing is I would like to go up in a big helicopter, not one of those little ones. Don't ask me why, I don't have a clue but just have always wanted the experience. :o)
I think you would make a great journalist!

I am so grateful for God's mercy and grace too. I fail Him so miserably so many times and He keeps on loving me!! Aren't we blessed my friend?!

Thanks for the tag, I will do it on my next post! :o)

Cheryl Wray said...

You are a DOLL, and I will do this soon on my blog!!!

I love that you have a tattoo...and Christians can't be labeled, right? I think Jesus would approve of yours!

Dana said...

I always thought that you were too cool for school, but a tattoo? Now I know you are! That's awesome!