Friday, January 28, 2011

January Projects

These cold, snowy January days lend themselves to staying indoors and working on projects.

Although. or perhaps because, I started this past week with a visit from the Stomach Bug, I didn't have much energy or oomph to do anything too physical. So, instead I turned my mind to some projects that have been on my mind.
I've started to knit a little again. Here is the beginning of a scarf I'm making for a Pay It Forward I'm doing on Facebook.

Another of my Pay It Forward projects is this little scrapbook I made for a former exchange student from Germany. This is a little memento of our visit together.

I have an artificial evergreen tree that I keep on my porch in the summer. I have it decorated with woodsy things for the summer. For July 4th, I have some patriotic decorations and I have some Halloween decorations. I bring it in the house and add gold balls for Christmas. This year, I have decided to keep it in the dining room 'til spring. I found some fun hearts and traded them for the gold balls.

I'm going to look on the Bronner's Christmas Store website for snowmen for next January. I'm not home for St. Patrick's day, but plan to look for some Easter decorations for April.

I spent a day in my craft room working on cards and scrap booking. Here is a card I finished up and sent to my uncle who gets pretty lonely on these long, snowy winter days since my aunt passed away.

I spent a day in my craft room making some cards. Jim's brother and his wife for their 50th wedding anniversary.

One of my best friends from High School is having a significant birthday in a few days and I made this one for her. I must admit that after I sent this one, I bought one with a less sentimental message.

I also did some cooking yesterday. I planned to share the recipes with you, my friends in Blogland, but I'm running out of time right now. We are on our way to Pennsylvania in a few minutes. We will visit my precious mother in law and celebrate my brother in law's birthday as well as he and his wife's 50th wedding anniversary.

Rushing away, I say....

~Hippo Hugs~


Sharon said...

Hope that you are feeling better.
I had that bug and it was nasty.
Have a safe trip and great weekend.

Midlife Mom said...

I too hope that you are feeling better now! The creeping crud is going around here too.

You make the most beautiful cards! That is such a gift to people to design and make them their own personal card.

Yes, the cold is keeping me in here too. I so miss being outside and walking 3 or 4 miles per day. It's been so cold that we only go out when we have to. I seem to be doing more eating then walking these days! :o(

Again I hope you are doing better! Take care! xoxoxox

Lynilu said...

Yes, those are pretty cards, indeed! Quite a nice talent, Pam!

I'm glad the stomach ick didn't too bad. Well, it's always too bad, but at least it didn't knock you out for a week or more. Now, stay well!

Tracy said...

Wow! You've been crafty-busy! Glad you're feeling better.

Renie Burghardt said...

You are so creative! Love all your projects.

Glad you're feeling better. Enjoy your Pa visit.


PAM said...

Have you ever been to Bronner's? I absolutely adore Frankenmuth! You are so crafty, I am jealous. I just took my Christmas wreath off my back door today. I was trying to make it last and had taken the Christmas decorations and put hearts on it, but, it was getting too ratty.

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Dagmar said...

Hi that you are knitting as well and those cards look great!

Midlife Mom said...

Hi! We made it home safely from Florida in between storms! Had so much fun with Needled Mom, the one time each year that we get to spend time together. Hope you are in warmer weather now and have access to a computer!!!!! xoxoxox