Saturday, August 4, 2007

A day at the lake

I guess, you can take the librarian out of the library, but can't take the library out of the librarian. Or once a librarian, always a librarian. Anyway, as you can see, Linda and I couldn't resist the opportunity to have our picture taken in front of the library on our day trip to Skaneatles yesterday.
It was an absolutely beautiful day, if a bit hot, for a trip to this quaint town on the lake of the same name. We took a lovely, affordable one hour cruise on the lake, had lunch at a little restaurant with excellent food. My husband had jambalaya, a dish he rarely sees on a restaurant menu.
We browsed through all the interesting little shops, sat by the lake, and then began our trip back home. Since we didn't find any shoes in the various shoe stores in Skaneatles, we really needed to stop at the outlet mall on our way home. Alas, no luck there either. I told the woman in the shoe store what I really want is to clone the black sandals I have that are worn out. She didn't really seem to go for that idea.
We ended the day tired and happy. Pleased to have spent the day in the company of dear friends, in a place that left us relaxed and ready to face the world once again.

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Tracy said...

Does Linda know she's famous now due to her debut on your blog?! Yesterday was a perfect day for a day at the lake. Not too humid...
Have you eaten at the Beale Street Cafe in Roch? They have delicious jambalaya.