Friday, August 31, 2007


At the beginning of summer for the past few years, at least since Jim retired from teaching, we have made a list of all the things we would like to do. The list usually includes day trips to nearby parks, museums, entertainment that we would like to see, etc. And for the past several years we haven't done one thing on the list. Each year we add things to the list so it gets longer and longer. Our intentions are good but somehow the lawn needs mowing, the golf course keeps calling, the flower garden needs weeding and before we know it, the snow starts flying.

This year we managed two of the items, the first being a day trip to Skaneatles, and the second being our trip today to Watkins Glen. In all honesty, I'm not sure we would have made this trip if it hadn't been that our dear brother, LaVerne, offered to sell us his second car. He and his friend, Cathy, made the trip from New Jersey to Watkins Glen last night and we met them there today at the delightful B&B LaVerne found on the Internet.

As lovely as the main house is, I was totally enamoured with the gazebo. We sat both in the gazebo and on the front porch of the inn "catching up" with events since we were last together.

Luckily, we arrived at the gorge in time for a guided tour. I had been to the park twice before. The first time I was in my teens, at that age when doing anything with my family seemed to be a tortuous event. I remember that day so well because, much to my surprise, I had a great time. I was pretty leary of heights in my youth and my brother held my arm all the way up through the gorge. That memory is bittersweet now that he is gone. The other thing that sticks in my mind about that day is that my dad let me drive part of the way. That was the probably the only time that ever happened.

Jim and I took the girls when they were young and neither of us has much memory of that trip at all. Probably worrying that our cherubs might fall over the edge kept us from savoring any memories of the journey. But I digress.

Having a guide this time really enhanced the event for us. Along with enjoying the sheer beauty and wonder of this beautiful gift of nature, we learned facts about the formation of this natural wonder. Our guide was young woman named Natalie. She was knowledgeable without being boring and added to the enjoyment of our day.

Back in the parking lot, Jim and I encountered a group of "bikers" from New Jersey in town for a last hurrah of the summer. They were playing a neat Kenny Rogers cd and dancing in the parking lot. I suspected they might be about our age, but of course, didn't ask. Any doubts I might have had about their ages was dispelled when one of the gals said they were the "Hells Geezers". What fun folks.

As they rode away she called out, "Goodbye, nice people" and I say, "Right back at you!".

At the end of our tour, Natalie handed us all a brochure with other local parks and sights to visit. I guess next summers' list is already started.

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Tracy said...

Pretty pics! I'm not ready to say good-bye to summer just yet...