Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Perfect Vacation

What a delightful vacation we had! Everything worked together to create an ideal time away. The weather was totally cooperative (except for a short storm in Georgia). But Jeff was driving and I felt perfectly safe.

Savannah is a beautiful city, the only city not destroyed during the civil war. In fact, General Sherman is said to have presented the city to President Lincoln as a Christmas present. Designed by James Oglethorpe, it is centered around 17 squares, each one as quaint and beautiful as the next.

We spent hours strolling along the Savannah River, enjoying the shops and restaurants. Most of these restaurants along the river are housed in restored cotton warehouses. The cobbled streets are constructed of stones used as ballast in the ships coming up the river to receive shipments of cotton. As a lover of history and a former teacher of history, we truly enjoyed this historic trip.

Oh yes, did I mention the food? Both in Savannah and at the beach, we had sumptuous and scrumptious meals. To say nothing of the wonderful pecan pie and other desserts.

Once we arrived at the beach, the sun came out and "rolled around heaven all day" for all the days we were there. If you have read my previous blogs, you might notice that I love the beach. I was grateful to my friends and husband who allowed me to spend hours and hours on the beach.

All too soon, it seemed, time came for us to leave the beach and continue on with this dream trip. The last leg of the trip was to Winter Haven, FL. where our old history teacher, coach and High School Principal lives in retirement. We hadn't seen Mr. Hofer since our wedding day, 39 years ago. This man is highly esteemed and respected by every student who passed through his classes. It was really special for my husband to have a moment to tell him just how much he had influenced his life both as a coach and teacher.

Another bright spot was that our friends Bob & Janet could join us in our visit to Mr. Hofer. We hadn't seen them in over ten years, so you can imagine what a great reunion we all had. We had lunch in a charming little seafood restaurant not far from Mr. Hofer's home and then went back and sat on the porch of the clubhouse in his development to continue our trip down memory lane.

And now we are home once again, our bodies rested and tanned, our minds filled with wonderful memories and our souls refreshed and soothed having been privileged to spend time with dear friends, both present and past.

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Mississippi Songbird said...

Great vacation post!
I'm glad you had a good time.. It does look like a beautiful place..
God bless you..Have a great week..