Friday, October 5, 2007

Blossoms of Hope

I woke this morning feeling tired and discouraged. The meeting last evening didn't go as I had hoped. I felt I came off looking unprepared and not too smart. For me, that is a disaster. I desperately needed something positive to hold onto.

Breakfast with my dearest friends helped some, but I wasn't home long before total exhaustion took over. It was all I could do to make food for my neighbors who have a new baby. Putting one foot in front of the other, I trekked down to the bird feeder. Poor birds, I hadn't filled the feeder since I returned form vacation last week. The feeder was totally empty. On the way to the feeder, I just happened to glance at my clematis plant and to my surprise, saw blossoms. Yes, blossoms in early October.

Then it hit me. If the clematis can blossom in October, I can cast aside the disappointment of a meeting that didn't meet my expectations. I reminded myself that this is a temporary job, and not exactly brain surgery, that I have so many things of importance in my life. So much to be grateful for. I filled the bird feeder and walked up the hill to my house, on the way noticing the beautiful mums growing in my side yard.

Almost instantly, the fatigue dissipated and I was smiling and ready to face the world. The afternoon was filled with errands, cooking and most wonderful of all, visiting the newest member of our neighborhood. It's amazing what looking at the positives in our lives can do to change our mood. Thanks, Lord.

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Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with your meeting.

I am curious about my clematis now... I wish it wasn't dark so I could go look in the backyard! I highly doubt I have any blooms.