Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Neither Rain Nor Snow Can Postpone the Church Picnic

And rain it did. Given all the dry Sunday afternoons we have experienced this arid summer, wasn't it Murphy's Law that this past Sunday would be an all day soaker? But it didn't deter the hungry congregation of our church from gathering in the Town Park for an afternoon of food and fellowship.

To the credit of our dear Pastor, he praised God for the much needed rain and trusted the appetites of congregation both for physical and spiritual sustenance. And, as usual, we didn't let him down. In spite of the weather, a healthy crowd gathered at the appointed time. As in the past, folks of all ages came out to enjoy each other's company.

Some spent the afternoon dry and cozy in the Park's Dining Room.

Some braved the moister air of the outdoor pavilion. Our visiting missionaries from Papua, New Guinea didn't seem to mind the weather. I guess when you consider the hardships of their everyday lives, this was a minor matter.

Then there are those to whom the call of a mud puddle supersedes all other concerns.
Does this make you yearn for those days of your youth when you ran through the rain and splashed in mud puddles. I remember so well my brother, sister and I putting on our bathing suits and running in the rain. My mom never seemed to worry about the mud and dirt, just lightening. In fact, we weren't allowed to take a bath, wash the dishes or talk on the phone in a thunder storm. I liked the washing dishes part.
Anyway, it was a wonderful afternoon in spite of the rain----or maybe because of it.


Mississippi Songbird said...

What a neat blog, and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing..

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thank you for your prayer..I appreciate that so much. God bless you and your family..