Monday, October 22, 2007

This World Is Very Beautiful

This World is very beautiful
with trees so tall and high
and little fleecy clouds that float
up in the clear blue sky.
This world is very beautiful.
Our Father made it so.
How thankful we should be to Him
whose loving care we know.

These words from a song I learned in Sunday School many years ago kept going through my mind yesterday as Jim and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Letchworth State Park.

It was such a lovely day I couldn't bear to stay home and take my usual Sunday afternoon nap. So after church, I suggested that we drive down to Letchworth and enjoy the beauty of the afternoon. Jim was willing to go, but warned me that it would be crowded. WOW! Crowded was right. It seemed lots and lots of people had the same idea we had.

Nevertheless, it was still a wonderfully pleasant afternoon. We drove in the Mount Morris entrance and meandered our way through the park to the Upper Falls.

After enjoying this lovely sight and the coolness of the water and the mist, we climbed to the old Railroad Trestle high above the falls.

I'm really out of shape and I'll admit it was a struggle for me to keep going. We had some time constraints, so Jim went on ahead while I made my way slowly to the top. I stopped a few times, but was determined to complete climb. You can imagine my consternation when I reached the top of the trail only to find a that there was a road we could have driven to the Trestle.

I caught Jim just as he was about to walk out on the bridge and he waited for me. He was surprised. He didn't think I'd make it to the top. After 39 years he should know I can be tenacious when I want.

In spite of my fear of heights, I did make it out onto the trestle though I didn't stay long. One quick picture and I was out of there.

Letchworth was another thing on our list for this summer so we were really glad we made the effort on this glorious fall day. The only downside of the trip was that it was entirely too short. We came home dreaming of next summer and maybe two whole days of hiking this glorious park.

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