Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Unofficially Summer!!

Last night my favorite weatherman, Scot Hetsko, said Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. I agree with him one hundred per cent. Even though school doesn't finish here in New York until late June, I have always begun to celebrate summer at Memorial Day.

Cheryl wrote about her summer plans yesterday. That made me think about our weekend plans, as well as our summer ones.

Before tackling those plans, here's a little recap of the past week here in our little corner of the world.

Poor Jim. It's not enough that his carpal tunnel surgery was unsuccessful and he is in constant pain in his right hand. Now he has the mother of all colds. I really don't remember him having a cold this bad in a long, long time. This has been a truly miserable week for him. Our weekend plans were to go to the Adirondacks with our friends Bruce and Shelly to open their cabin, but Wednesday Jim had to finally admit that he was too sick to go. We felt really bad. Number one, because we LOVE going to the mountains and number two, because Bruce and Shelly had planned on our help. We're hoping we can go up sometime in the next couple of weeks to help. There is much to be done before the wedding in July.

My week was a busy one. Workwise, Tracy and I worked hard and accomplished much. She is doing a great job and will be a cracker jack Library Director. We attended her first Board of Trustees meeting for which she prepared all the reports. She conducted her first staff meeting, sent her first book order, kept up with the library blog and generally did everything a library director does. Hence, I am now out of a job. Isn't that great news? I plan to stop by her office for a short time this morning to go over one or two things and then I'm officially re-retired.

Which brings me to my plans for the weekend. First of all, for the first time in weeks, I didn't set my alarm this morning. It felt really good to wake up at my leisure, read the paper (including the comics), have my coffee and come in here to post.

Oh yes, before I started this post, I went out and took a couple of pictures of the lilacs. The purple ones belong to my neighbor to the south; the white ones are ours.

When I sign off here, I'm off to visit Florence, do some grocery shopping, visit the wine store and whatever else suits my fancy. I am all atwitter.

As much as I was looking forward to the mountains, I am pleased to have this long, wonderful weekend to attack some projects here at home. I am hoping to:

get my sun porch ready for summer (as well as spend some time relaxing out there)

do some weeding an mulching in my perennial garden. It sorely needs my attention.

Cook a really nice meal for my dear hubby this evening.

Organize and straighten up my work room.

Make some cards.

IF Jim feels better, see the new Indiana Jones movie

I think that is probably more than enough for one weekend. I'm also looking forward to being back in church on Sunday as I've missed the last two Sundays.

As the summer stretches out before us, I am smilingly (is that a word?) thinking about some of our plans. We start next weekend with our trip to Michigan for Meghan's wedding and a weekend with our kids. I'm so excited. I bought a new dress yesterday. I hated to do that as I am in the middle of this weight loss thing and I know I won't wear it long. BUT, I had nothing presentable that really fit me, and the dress WAS on sale, sooooo. But I digress. Back to summer plans.

We are looking forward to the LPGA when the brothers, wives and girlfriends will visit us. It's always a rollicking good time. I plan to attend this year and am really looking forward to it. Soon after that is Kara's wedding in the mountains. We plan to spend the entire 4th of July weekend there. We are also looking forward to some day trips, a visit or two to PA to see the MIL, our 40th wedding anniversary and perhaps (gas prices allowing) a trip to Seattle.

That looks like a good list of things to post about as they occur. In the meantime, let's all enjoy this wonderful long weekend. And let's take some time this weekend to remember the veterans who sacrificed for our freedom.

Happy celebrating.


camport said...

Oh a trip to Seattle!! Can I come? I miss that place. And when I think about where we'll be 10 years down the road, I see rain. And big beautiful trees and plush green everywhere. Oh, and the peak of Mt Rainier in the distance. :)

Sounds like you have a very busy weekend/summer coming up. Fun! I love being busy.

Hope Jim gets to feeling better soon!


Nancy said...

First of all...Happy Re-Retirement!

Hope Jim gets to feeling better soon! It's so miserable to be sick anytime, especially in nice weather. What are the plans for his hand now, since the surgery didn't work? That sounds so painful!

Know you will enjoy the wedding in Michigan with your girls! Sounds like a fun time ahead for your family!

The lilacs are just gorgeous! I had one in PA and enjoyed the lovely fragrance when the wind would blow it my direction!

I do hope you can make the trip to Seattle. That should be a great photo trip for you to post and share with all of us bloggers!

Have a safe Memorial Day! Stosh is having a cookout on Monday so that's where I'll be!

Diane said...

You have some great plans to look forward to! We have some friends who lived just outside of Seattle and they loved it there.

Poor Jim. I hope the surgeon has a "plan B" for the carpal tunnel. The cold/allergy season has been brutal...just ask Steve! I hope he feels better soon.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and YES INDEED, we shall honor and memorialize those who keep/kept our country free.
God Bless America!!


Midlife Mom said...

I love the idea that you have a list made of things that you want to accomplish this long weekend, I think we tend to get more done when we do that. I have been busy in the barn doing things with the horses and getting things in tip top shape after a long winter. Lots of cobwebs to get down and sweeping to do. So sorry that your hubby has that awful cold. How miserable to have that over a holiday! And the carpal tunnel, what happened that it didn't work for him??? (the operation)
I bet you're excited to be re-retiring! I love retirement and I am busy all the time but it's things I enjoy doing not what I HAVE to do. Got to work in my gardens but I am still afraid of some late frost so I am waiting a bit longer.
I have a cousin that lives near Seattle in Snohomish. She loves it there. Been there for 30 years or more.
Have a wonderful weekend and yes we all need to remember those that fought to keep our freedoms intact!

Tracy said...

Hope Jim feels better soon!
Thanks for the kind words about me as director. You give me such encouragement and make me sound very competent - I guess I'll go back tomorrow!