Thursday, May 29, 2008

One More Sleep

I am so excited I'm about to burst. We leave at 6 A.M. tomorrow for Michigan. I can't believe it's nearly here. We've known since July that Meghan and Casey's wedding would take place this weekend and it's almost here!!

I searched and searched and this is the only picture I have of Meghan and Casey. Aren't they cute? For those of you who don't know, Meghan is the daughter of one of my dearest friends. Being quite a bit older than Laurie (the mother), I have been an honorary aunt/grandmother to these children. Hence, my excitement about the coming event.

This picture of Laurie, Emily, Meghan and me was taken the day Meghan picked out her wedding dress. I was so honored to be asked to accompany them on such a wonderful shopping trip. This family also consists of Sam, a senior in high school and Carl, a Romanian orphan the family adopted when he was 8 years old. They are a very special family and dear to my family.

Which brings us to the second reason for my unbridled excitement; both the girls will be in Michigan for the wedding. Paige is driving up from Chicago tomorrow afternoon and Gretchen and Brian are flying into Minneapolis tomorrow, renting a car and driving to Holland. It is a special time for Gretchen as she graduated from Hope College and this is only the second time she will have visited since her graduation.

Today was a great day that started out a little hinky. I had tons of errands to do but was totally organized, went out to the brand spanking clean car, turned the key and NOTHING. Okay, I took a deep breath, turned the key again - NOTHING. Just stay calm, Pam. I went in, called to Jim and said, "I think my battery is dead". Which, of course, it was. No fear, we have a great mechanic. I took Jim's car on my errand journey, he had a new battery put in the car and we were all set.

From there on, the day was FABB-O. I found Florence doing much better than last week. Although, she has a hard time putting a sentence together, she was very alert. She smiled during my visit, even raised her eyebrows as I regaled her with tales of my life. I was more than pleased. Leaving Florence, I went, once again, to the Mall where I found SALES! WHOOPEE!! I bought two pairs of shoes, a skirt, two tops, a pair of dress pants, shirt and tie for Jim all for about $150. Just about the same as I paid for gas today. LOL.

Now, I've made sandwiches to eat on the way across Canada (the rest stops there are dreadful), packaged fruit and chips, wrapped the gift and made a card. I guess the only thing left to do is pack. So, I'm off to do just that.

I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend. I'll be back Monday with tons of pictures and tales of the Wolfanger Family.


P.S. I forgot two important things. First, I forgot the father of the bride, Bob. He is a great guy who we all love to pieces. Secondly, Jim saw his orthopedist today and has been referred to the doctor who was so highly recommended. It turns out she did the surgery on Jim's doctor's hand. She will review his file and decide by Monday whether or not she will take him as a patient. If not, there is another hand surgeon who the orthopedist recommends highly. I think we are on the right track. Please keep praying - his pain is intense.


camport said...

be safe, have fun, lots of pics and hoping Jim's pain lightens up enough for him to enjoy the weekend!


Nancy said...

Yes, they are a darling couple! She will be a beautiful bride! Sounds like you are verrrry excited about your trip. We'll all be waiting for the pics when you get back.

You did some good sales shopping by the sounds of it! Why can't I ever find bargains like that?

I hope Jim isn't hurting so bad that he doesn't enjoy the weekend. I know you are happy that you'll be seeing your girls together for the weekend.

Have a safe trip and a great time! Don't forget your camera now!


Dawn said...

Have a safe trip to Michigan. We are keeping Mr. Wolfanger in our prayers for relief of his pain in his hand. Speaking of hands, I remember a game we used to play in his class with a soft squishy ball, something similiar to "hot potato." I can't remember what we called it.

Diane said...

Can't wait to see photos of the event!