Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

After a nice "sleep in" this morning (I stayed in bed until nearly 9 AM), I started the day working in my flower garden. As I've said previously, it needs quite a bit of work. Although it wasn't particularly warm today, it was a gorgeous, sunny day. It was totally pleasant working in the garden and I managed to accomplish quite a bit. Here's a pile of weeds I have to show how hard I worked.

I must admit I'm not a real gardener. I love my flowers, but I'm not exactly Mrs. Green Thumb. Example: I sometimes don't know a weed from a plant. My friend, Sandi, is the gardener so today I took a picture of something I can't identify. I'll show her on Friday and ask her it it's a weed or a plant. Personally, I think it may be something I've heard called "pigweed", but I'm not sure so I didn't want to dig it up. Isn't that sad?

Pigweed or flower?

I have some other perennial spots around my house. This one is particularly lovely with its abundance of hastas and lilies of the valley.

After I finished in the flower garden, I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning my car. We decided to take my car to Michigan this weekend as I think it is a little more comfortable than Jim's. It really looks good although I will admit to washing it at the local car wash. I just couldn't face washing it myself when I can drive it through the wash for $9.

While I was busy with these projects, my dear hubby walked the entire lawn. His rider is giving him fits and he thinks the walk is good excercise (which, of course, it is). Still, it's a big lawn.

We finished the day with steak and shrimp on the grill. All in all it was a good day. Sad to say, Jim is suffering for mowing the lawn. His hand is really giving him extreme pain tonight. I so wish that I could do something to alleviate his pain. I did heat my herbal pack and wrap it in a towel. He tried it for a few minutes but it didn't seem to help. I am so happy that he is seeing his orthopedist tomorrow. Keep praying, please.

After that bit of not so good news, I'd like to leave you with this lovely picture of our rhododendron.

Bless you all and to borrow from Stephanie "bunches of hugs".


Cheryl Wray said...

Love the pictures!! You are TOO cute in your garden!

I love hostas. So pretty!

And I used to be so good about keeping a garden. But as my kids get older and older, I have just fallen behind in doing a garden. I miss it, though, and hope to get back to it someday.

Michelle said...

Your garden is lovely Pam.

Someday, when I decide to marry Allen (maybe soon, who knows) we'll have our own yard and our own garden, I'll call you for tips.

The SPEAKS least you rocked the wardrobe! LOl.



Nancy said...

Cute picture!!! Love the hat, too!!!

Poor Jim...I can relate to that. One time, I tore the tendons in my arm, or I should say the membrane covering the tendons, and I suffered for months. Nothing would stop the pain. I didn't want surgery to move the tendons, especially on my right arm! I just laid with a pillow under it all the time. I pray he gets some relief tomorrow when he sees his doctor, if nothing more at the moment but some pain medication.

I love hostas! I haven't seen lillies of the valley since I was a pretty! You are just too ambitious! Here where it is so hot in the summer, a person can spend so much time watering plants, just trying to keep them alive. All I have are my 2 porch planters this year...that's enough for me to care for.

Hugs! (stolen from somebody!)

camport said...

I'm no green thumb either. I just don't even buy plants anymore!

Hoping that today is a better day for Jim!


Mississippi Songbird said...

What a beautiful garden... and the photos are wonderful shots.. I love Hostas....

I love gardening, but don't get to do much of it...
Have a wonderful weekend!

hippochick said...

Cheryl, I thought the garden togs were pretty campy.

Michelle - Raising kids takes precedence over gardening any day.

Nancy, Remember when we were kids. Did you ever think we would settle down to do the things we do?

Chrissy, I find we are more alike all the time.


As I've said before, I didn't garden at all while I was a working gal.

Diane said...

Great pictures! I'm not much of a green thumb either. I can kill what they say can't be killed. They should put me on kudzu duty. LOL Prayers go out to Jim.