Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Musings

I can hear you now, "She's been home nearly a week, and only one post! What's she doing?" And the answer would be, "I've been in a whirling dervish". I arrived home and suddenly realized that Christmas was just over three weeks away. I had no decorating done, no shopping even started, the Christmas Eve Program was mostly in my head, cookies needed to be baked.

Initially, I was paralyzed. I lay awake the first night home wondering if I could manage to get any of these things done. I must also confess, for some reason, I can't seem to muster up any Christmas spirit. I love this whole time of year. From pre-Thanksgiving until New Year's is just such a wonderfully festive time, and I usually jump in with a delightful fervor. Not so much this year. I think there might be a myriad of reasons, and I can't put my finger on just one.

BUT...I'm determined to plough ahead as if I were excited and hope for the best. SOOO, last Wednesday I was determined to hang my outdoor wreaths. Now, Jim is a almost perfect husband who does almost anything I ask him...other than do outdoor Christmas decorations. Neither of us knows why he feels so strongly about that subject, but nevertheless he does. So, because I want outdoor decorations, I do them.

Over the years, I have tried various methods of securing these pesky things on my windows here atop this very windy hill. This year I researched the subject on the Internet and thought I had the answer, fishing line and suction cups. Let me tell you, this was not an easy job, but finally just about dusk, I had them all done {and forgot to take a picture}. They look like this and adorn all the windows and door in the front of my house, plus one on the flag pole, the fence and the pole holding the bird house. I'd run out and take a picture of how beautiful they are except that it's dark and, oh yes, four of them blew down in the wind storm yesterday. So much for that method of affixing wreaths. Alas, it is supposed to be 40 degrees tomorrow, so I will try again.

I must admit from Wednesday, the week got better. I baked some cookies. Jim baked some cookies. Our freezer is looking very full. We decided on a design for our Christmas card and I finalized the details for the Christmas Eve service. Let me tell you briefly about the strange experience I had on the Internet. Before Thanksgiving, I found a site that had all the readings I wanted to use. I bookmarked the site, planning to go back to it after we returned home. When I went to the site last Wednesday, it had become an advertisement for holiday gifts for men. I kid you not!!! My Christian Advent site had disappeared. I emailed my daughter and asked her if she thought the Lord had a better plan for our church or was Satan messing with me. Whatever the case, I finally found another site and now have all the readings I need for Christmas Eve.

Friday was the Loser Housewives annual Christmas shopping trip. We have been doing this for close to twenty years. The participants change as time goes on, but Sandi, Linda and I have made it every year. That escapade did a lot to energize me and put me in a Christmas mood.

We meet for breakfast about 8:30, after which we go to the mall. There we separate until about 11:30 when we meet at the Starbucks kiosk for coffee. Then it's shopping until about 1:30, when we meet for lunch. After lunch, we finish our mall shopping and leave for Target, Borders, Michaels, etc. When we finish with those stores, we go to another Starbucks for a final coffee {and perhaps muffins}. Surprisingly, even with all those breaks, we manage to accomplish quite a bit of shopping.

Saturday was a very busy day which included a very fun surprise birthday party for our friend, Kathy. Of course, there was the Alabama/Florida game, which I won't even talk about here. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the end result. We did manage to get started with our decorating though and finished up after church on Sunday.
I really love this wreath. It looks so good in my dining room I'm tempted to leave it up all year.

This is really blah. I can't remember what I did last year, but it was prettier than this. I think I have an idea how to make it better thanks to Laura of the Horton Family.

So, now I'm back to Monday, the best day of all of this. I think I'm out of my funk, thanks to Jim and the really fun day we've had.

I received calls yesterday saying that my new glasses were in at the mall and my pictures were in at Wal-Mart. I asked Jim to go with me to pick these things up and we left right after breakfast. As most of you know, you can't just run in and out of the mall during the Christmas season. There are always things to pick up. Jim was such a good sport, following me all over and driving me to Borders and then to BJ's. Although I did treat him to a mocha at Starbucks, I though he deserved something spectacular. So, we went to my favorite crepe restaurant {which he had never experienced} and had a fab-o lunch, including dessert.

And so, I can feel that Christmas spirit moving in and making everything happy and bright.

~Hippo Hugs~


Gerrit said...

Glad to hear you're getting into the spirit. It's funny, I can't say I care all that much for outside decorations either, and also can't give a good reason why. Laziness perhaps? Anyway, have some extra spirit for me too. I find myself kinda blah lately being so far away from the family this holiday season, and pray I make it home by Christmas. It's likely it won't be a problem, but you never know. At least I got to do my Christmas shopping at the south pole this year. How many people can say that? LOL. No Santa there though, he'd probably be some sort of anti-santa anyway, no?

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Well, you overcame the blah's, which is more than I can say for me. Major winter doldrums here. I love your wreath, and I'm glad you baked all kinds of treats and shopped. I did a bit of shopping as well, but not much baking. Got to mail the packages off this week. And got to get into the Christmas spirit, soon. Most of my family will be far away as well, except for Greg, who will be here, along with his girl friend, and my dear friends will be around as always. Lots of church activities and little parties to look forward to as well, I don't know why I am not though.

Have a great week.



hippo chick said...

Renie - I think it's hard when family is far away. Let's keep on trying though.

Monogram Queen said...

I am running behind but trying - I feel like i'm running place!

You are an inspiration though dear Pam! I love the Loser Wives, wish I lived closer - i'd be one!

Nancy said...

Hi Pam!

You have accomplished quite a bit already!!! I have lots to do yet myself. It is fun to let things go til the last couple of weeks...that's how I get in the spirit...and the ONLY way I get in the spirit anymore. Today Stosh will finish my outside decorations...last year he did it all in one day, but this year it is taking him DAYS! We are both feeling our age lately! LOL Your wreaths are lovely...I LOVE the gold one! If you like it, keep it up all year then. I would love to keep a snowman up all year myself. I see you must collect angels....your display is so pretty, Pam! I do practically nothing inside as the cats would tear it all the outside is where I decorate.

Gee, your post was such a busy time for you...made me tired just reading about it all! LOL I have a few more trips into the city to finish my shopping yet...I can't do as much as you can all in one day.

Anyhow..."It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!!"

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your post has left me soooo hungry (heh-heh). Seriously, have a great day and happy getting into the mood of the holidays!

Midlife Mom said...

I'm more then a tad behind this year too. With all the care of Mom I just don't seem to be getting things done like I usually do. Do have my shopping all done and wrapped and that's a biggie. I too agree that you should leave that gold wreath up all year if you enjoy it! It is so pretty! I love your wreaths too, you do well to put them all up, I had my yard man do all my outside decorating this year. What a fun shopping trip with your friends! That's how I like to shop with people, split up and then meet up for lunch and breaks. What fun! You are way ahead of me on the baking too, I haven't started yet but tomorrow the grands are coming after school so maybe I will get them to help me. We are getting lots of rain today and our snow is all gone. I like to have snow at Christmastime so this rain doesn't suit me at all! Take care my friend!

Tracy said...

I am feeling overwhelmed by my list of to-do's. I think I might need to take a day off so I can START my shopping. My decorations are still in boxes and our tree is naked. Cards are not started. Baking -- not even thought about. I could just cry.

Faye said...

Pam, my holiday decor is far simpler this year as well. I just haven't felt like going all out for some reason and marvel at all my fellow Bloggers who post magazine-ready photos of their home all decked out! all I can say. But I think keeping it simple isn't a bad thing, nor is it bad to just be starting the shopping....although the craziness of a mall is a tad more than I can handle at this point :P
My hubby is like I hang a wreath on the doors and have a festive green light bulb in the porch socket and have given up nagging for the C-mas lights to be hung outside.'s not worth the nagging any more *sigh* I can say though, I'm glad he went and did his C-mas shopping yesterday, for I'm sure he'll not have a day off anymore before C-mas.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE that wreath!!!!!! And that's kinda weird about the website that "morphed" into something else. I know that the Christmas Eve service will be great!!

So glad you all good home safely and that your trip was so much fun!!

Laura said...

Pam, I am so glad that the Christmas spirit is starting to shine thru your sweet self! Thank you for linking me on your blog! I love your decorations - especially the gold ball wreath! I've been looking for one of those the "whimsical" colors I the peacock blue, hot pink, green, etc. Have a great weekend!