Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Just Tuesday

Isn't Tuesday an odd day? It's not the beginning of the week, not hump day, not nearing the weekend. It's just Tuesday. Our Tuesday has become special because it's the day Re*gal Cinema's has $1 popcorn for it's club members. We try to go every week if there is anything at all interesting playing.

Today we saw Mel Gibson in The Edge of Darkness. It was, indeed, dark. I really liked it, but wouldn't recommend it for anyone who struggles with blood and violence. I have always been a fan of Gibson until recently when I think he's gone a little off his rocker. His mental condition aside, I thought his acting was the old Mel. I think it's more a guy movie, but since Jim goes to chick flicks with me, I wouldn't complain about this.

We've also added a visit to Bruce to our Tuesdays. Shelly has musical rehearsal until 10 on Tuesdays. His daughter goes to the nursing home and has dinner with him and Jim and I show up around 7. It helps the evening pass for him, and gives us a chance to visit and catch up on his progress. His progress is still very slow. He is going forward, but at a snail's pace.

Tonight was a tough one as we had to say farewell for a while. We will be leaving for our western sojourn next week and won't see him again until April. It was pretty emotional for all of us.

The last couple of weeks we have been adding dinner out into our Tuesday outing. After the movie, we do dinner at a restaurant near the theater, shop a little and then go on to see Bruce. It works well. Today I had a coupon for a free entree at Un*o's as February is my birthday month. It was a good meal and FREE! We each had one of their $1.99 desserts. A really good deal.

Yesterday our very old style paper shredder decided it didn't want to quit shredding. We pulled the plug, took it apart as best we could, plugged it in and it continued to shred...nothing. So, Jim decided we should buy another one, which we did after the movies. I was disappointed in the price, but in this day and age I think we need to have one, so...

Since we were at the mall, I decided to run into Ma*cy's and check on their coats. I have been looking at this red pea coat for quite a while now. In mid-January I thought for sure it would be on sale. It is the exact coat I have been searching for. Now, I can probably afford the coat at it's regular price, but hey, it's the middle of winter and the thing should go on sale. I was just stubborn enough that I wouldn't buy it. I went back a week later, still not sale. Last Friday, Shelly and I went in to see if it was still there. It sure was...at the same price.

Well, today my stubbornness paid off. The coat was on sale for 60% off. I was delighted to buy a new coat for less than I paid for a paper shredder. Having saved all that money, I went to Dick's and bought some new hiking shoes. WOW! What a Tuesday.

Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by.
~Maria Schell


Midlife Mom said...

Good to see a comment from you this morning! I will be off blogging too for about a week while we are in Florida. Hubby has his laptop with him but I hate using that, it's so small and I am used to a big keyboard.

You sure have been busy! Nice to have Tuesdays to do some fun things like the movies and eating out. I haven't seen that movie, I don't like much violence but the Hubs would like it! :o)

Glad that Bruce is making progress even though it is slow. Nice that you visit him as I know he must enjoy it. He will miss you while you are away but hopefully you will see lots of progress when you get home.

Well I must get finished packing. The weather report just said it is in the mid seventies and low 80's in south Florida! Yea!

CAmport said...

Ah, a bargain shopper! A girl after my own heart! I hope you guys have a wonderful trip.


Faye said...

Good to hear that your friend Bruce is making a slow progress to recovery. I know all about the slow part...my Mom is progressing slow as well, although I think she has lost some function permanently :(
Love it that you and Jim enjoy each other SO much...it's a breath of fresh air to see a happy couple.
Wow...way to go to hang in there for that sale!! I only wish it were that way up here...if you don't buy something when you see it, it disappears because there is so few places to shop.
We had to do the same with our shredder...I have reduced the amount of paper bills, etc. but there always seems to be something to shred, even if it's just receipts.
Warm, sunny Florida...ahhhh, what a treat for you guys :)

Lynilu said...

I'll tell you what! For a "nothing day," you have turned Tuesday into a busy, full day! I'm tired now, just imagining it! LOL!

Laura said...

Love your winter layout/header!

I hope you love your red pea coat as much as I love mine. My parents got me mine right after Thanksgiving, but it came from Penny's. I LOVE it!!