Monday, February 15, 2010

We're Here!!

Well, we have arrived here in Nevada. The trip was interesting to say the least. We left Upstate NY early on Tuesday, February 9. As is our tradition when leaving on a trip, we stopped at a local supermarket where we purchased coffee and a donut for $1. We don't consume said goodies on site. Rather, we go to the McDonald's at the thruway entrance and purchase an Egg McMuffin. After we eat the McMuffin, we have our donut. Then we go to the thruway and officially begin our journey.

We knew we were driving into a predicted snow storm, but were really hopeful as we drove toward Cleveland. Alas, shortly into Ohio, our hopes were dashed and the snow began. We drove through some pretty ugly weather on our way to Indiana, but believe me, the worst was yet to come.

I took this picture out the car window. You can see the snowy landscape. We left Richmond, IN at 7 A.M. on the second day to 19 degree temperatures and blowing snow. The first hour on the road we drove 35 miles because of black ice. The second hour we drove 18 miles. The roads were absolutely treacherous. We saw 17 vehicles off the road.

Once we were west of Indianapolis, the weather was warmer and the roads were bare. We stopped for breakfast and a much needed mental rest. The rest of that day was pretty smooth sailing.

The only other unusual occurrence happened in Oklahoma, a state which if I had my way, I would never visit again. Our AAA trip tik sent us around Oklahoma City on a toll road. Not only did that little jog cost us $10.65, but two of the toll booths were without operators and demanded the exact change...which, of course, we didn't have. Not only that, the bill changer wouldn't accept our bill. Sooooo, we put the $1.10 we had into the basket and drove through the gate to loudly clanging bells. We pulled over and i found a phone number to call. Now here is the kicker. The woman I talked to gave me an address and information on how and where I should mail the $.05 I owed the state of Oklahoma. That evening Jim gave me five pennies taped to a sheet of paper and I mailed them....with a rather sarcastic little note. So, please spare me Oklahoma.

Texas was fine, boring but fine. Well, boring until this.....

Oh yes, Texas also provided the best meal we had on the trip. A wonderful rib eye steak followed by blackberry cobbler. Yummy!

New Mexico is beautiful. Lynilu says it's even more beautiful when you get away from Rt. 40. I think we might have to take a little side trip next year to see for ourselves.

We arrived here in Henderson at noon on Saturday to 68 degrees and sunny skies. It was good to see the condo complex again. After four years it's beginning to feel like home.

Spring is beginning to spring here and love is in bloom also as evidenced by the next pictures.

We had dinner with Gretchen our first night here. Sunday we worshipped with them at their little UMC church and had lunch before they had to go to work. We plan to spend the day with Gretchen tomorrow. So you see, it's not only the weather that draws us to Nevada.

~Hippo Hugs~


Tracy said...

Glad to hear you made it safely! "The good Linda" told me you ran into snowy conditions along the way. I'm relieved to hear you weren't arrested in OK. It would have been a long drive to bail you out!

Monogram Queen said...

Y'all were brave to keep on driving through all that. Glad you made it safely. What morons run the state of Oklahoma or at least the toll division?

pam said...

I am so glad you arrived safe and sound. Enjoy those warm temps and sunshine and Gretchen too!!

Dagmar said...

Glad your arrived is a long journey but the weather will be warm and wonderful for you. Enjoy!

Lynilu said...

I'm glad your trip was relatively stress free. I know that toll road you mention, and I hate it. However, it is preferable to other routes through OKC, trust me. I'm surprised AAA didn't advise you of the tolls. When I went through there several years ago, my AAA trip tik advised I would need "at least $XX in change." Interesting. I've learned that when I set out on a trip through unknown areas, I always get 2 rolls of quarters, just in case.

Next time you make the trip, let me know, and I'll give you a few hints for places to side-trip to while here. :)

Enjoy your visits, and drive carefully on your return!

PS - is there a story behind the picture of the car with Post-its (??) all over it?