Friday, February 19, 2010

This 'n That and Wind

I think I've said that the sun always shines in Las Vegas...well not every minute of the daylight hours. Like this morning, it was a little overcast when we started out for Gretchen and Brian's. I was a little sorry I had not brought my sweater.

Brian is replacing all the carpet in their upstairs with bamboo flooring. It is going to be beautiful. Jim went over today to help him a little so I went along and did my walk in their neighborhood. The sun did manage to come out a little, but as the sun came out, the wind picked up. On my way back home, I worked much harder as I walked into the wind. Must have burned a lot of extra calories pushing against that wind.

Yesterday we joined the new Senior Center near our condo. Membership is free, even to us Snowbirds. We toured the center and stopped in the Cafe for a treat. We had two coffees and two cookies for $1 - total. There really some perks to growing older.

Wednesday found me back fellowshipping with Women of Spirit at our church home away from home. It was so wonderful for me to get back to worship with those women. It being Ash Wednesday, we attended the service in the sanctuary which was so moving. I love Ash Wednesday and this service was especially moving to me.

Wednesday evening we had dinner with Brian and Gretchen. We played a new game called IMAGINEIF. What a fun game. We laughed ourselves silly. For sure, we are buying that one.

Speaking of buying, we bought a George Forman grill today. When we try to broil meat in this oven, the whole condo is filled with smoke. We have great hopes for this new grill. I'll keep you posted.

I guess that's a good recap of our first week in the desert. We have walked every day, although I'm not sure the diet has been that good. We'll keep trying. Maybe next week will be better.

Until later....

~Hippo Hugs~


Lynilu said...

How long are you staying? Sounds like you will be there a while, but I thought you were on a vacation.

Your walk into the wind reminded me of walking on board a ship. I loved the extra work when I was walking close to the front, where the wind from the movement of the ship made me have to really lean into it and work at it. Then I had to fight to keep from being blown away as I began down the other side! it gave a variance to my pace that I liked.

Sounds like you're having a very good time. I'm glad! Keep doing just that!

Midlife Mom said...

Glad you have arrived safely and are all settled in. Ddo you have the same condo each year or different ones? Hope the GF grill works out well for you, we got our kids one for Christmas and they love it.

Your post on disabilities was very good! Having a nephew that is in a chair has given me a new outlook too. I too don't think they want pity but respect and treated like everyone else. My nephew has been doing a skiing program where he is sitting in a sled type thing and a skier is holding onto it by a rope or pole. He just loves it and it thrills me every time I see pictures of him zooming down the slopes!

What WONDERFUL news about Bruce that he will be going home and walking!!! There have been lots of prayers going out for him and Shelly too. I will continue to pray for his healing and that his walking will improve each day! Thanks for the update.

What fun you have with your daughter and SIL. We have that same kind of relationship with our son and DIL and I LOVE it. We went out last week and picked out a bunch of new games to play at the lake as all the ones there were ruined. The grands love to play game too.

Today it has snowed, the sun came out a bit, rained, freezing rain and sleet! It can't make up it's mind! lol! Supposed to get some snow Wednesday and Thursday. I do hope I get at least one ride on my snowmobile!

Have fun out there in the sun!!! xoxoxo

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like you are having a fine time! Glad to hear it. I love the wind, I always feel so wild and free!

Faye said...

Sounds like you are right into your stay there and enjoying being close to your daughter & SIL.
Have fun with your new grill :)

pam said...

I bet that new flooring will be wonderful. I hope the grill works out, I think they are pretty good things to have. Enjoy the sunshine:)

Dagmar said...

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and have lots of time to enjoy every good thing that comes your way. Thanks so much for your lovely and thoughtful comments on my blog. I am touch by your words.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!