Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going to the Mountains

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know about our friends, Bruce and Shelly, their accident in October, and the long and arduous recovery that has faced Bruce.

I remember so vividly the day he moved his big toe and we all cried tears of joy. Well, tomorrow we will be going with them to their summer home in the Adirondack mountains to help them settle in for the rest of the summer.

Bruce will have his physical therapy in Old Forge which is about ten miles from the cabin.
The view of Fourth Lake and the wonderful mountain air should go a long way toward bringing healing to their bodies and souls.
We are so grateful for the progress Bruce has made these past months and are confident that he will continue to go forward in the months to come.
~Hippo Hugs~


Lynilu said...

Have a good time while you're helping your friends. Doesn't it make the time with them even the more wonderful to see the progress? :)

Sharon said...

That is sure a beautiful place to be and heal.
Hope that you have fun in the mountains.
Prayers for Bruce on his continuing progress.

Winifred said...

Have a lovely time with them. I'm sure that will be a very healing place.

Laura said...

Praising God today from whom all blessings flow!

Tracy said...

wonderful! wonderful! wonderful!

Diane said...

A beautiful placee to share time with wonderful friends. Thank God for Bruce's progress.

Dagmar said...

Best wishes to your friend for a full recovery.