Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alive and well in Upstate, NY

What is it about not being able to get back in the swing of things after a long absence? As evidenced by my last post, I've been pretty busy. Well, I had been pretty busy up until Independence Day weekend. Since then, my life has slowed down and is pretty much back to normal.

So, I should have plenty of time to post to my blog, right? And I do. I'm taking life much more slowly now that Vacation Bible School is over. Somehow, though, I just can't seem to talk myself into getting back into blogging.

I love my blog. I love all of my followers. Being connected to all of you is a real joy to me....but I just haven't had much to talk about and no inspiration.

So here I am. My camera is giving me fits. I had some great flower pictures that I wanted to share and they are stuck in the internal memory of my camera, unwilling or unable to be copied to the memory card.

Then there are the really fun pictures that Sarah, our VBS photographer emailed me today. I had a plan to make a VBS collage to share here and on Facebook. Great idea, but NO, my computer says it can't find the file or program or some such thing to transfer the pictures. I'm just plain frustrated. If it's not Blogger giving me grief, it's my camera or computer.

It's really, really hot here. They are saying we are breaking records set in the 1800's. Can you imagine? I look out the window and everything is so beautiful, but I walk out the door and want to turn around and run back to the air conditioning. Honestly, we have been spending most of our time in the house these past five or six days.

We did have a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July weekend. We had a get together with friends at Bruce and Shelly's house. The food was fabulous and the company even better. Bruce is doing really well. It looks like we will be going to the Adirondacks with them next week to help them get settled in their summer home. He walked 100 feet with a cane today. Real progress.

With the pressure of VBS over, I have had time to catch up here at home. Just a lot of little things that I had let go in the past month while preparing for VBS. I feel really great about these accomplishments.

We are getting up really early and walking before it gets so beastly hot. I have also been faithfully going to's air conditioned there too. We also saw the movie The A Team yesterday. It was hokey, but fun and brought back lots of memories. The girls really liked that show when they were younger.

Speaking of the girls, it's just three weeks until Gretchen and Brian come for a visit. We are really excited and have lots of plans. The excitement is a little blurred by the fact that Paige can't come too. We would so love to have all our family together for a few days. That happens so rarely.

I feel better now. I've made a step in the right direction by posting tonight. Maybe this will inspire me to post more regularly. I think part of my malaise is that more and more of my bloggie friends are posting less and less. I think FB has had an effect on blogging and it makes me sad.

Okay enough of me for tonight. I hope everyone sleeps well in this heat and wakes up with a joyful spirit tomorrow.

~Hippo Hugs~

P.S. Sorry if this sounds like a downer. I really am quite delighted with life.


Lynilu said...

Pam, do you have a cord to hook the camera to the computer? I don't know if it will make any difference, but if you do, it is worth a try. I hate the feeling that I've "lost" pictures. My stomach just clinches up! I hope you get it worked out.

I think any time we break routine, it is hard to make ourselves reclaim the routine. Or let the routine claim us. In many ways, that is a good thing, because vacations and holidays are refreshing for that very reason. I'll just say I hope you find your happy place!!

camport said...

I know what you mean! I feel like I never blog anymore. I used to update every single day, if not twice a day. I just feel like I have no time. And when I do sit down at the computer, I feel guilty.

Glad to hear you're alive & well!


Renie Burghardt said...

Well, I just wrote a comment that got lost! Darn! Enjoyed your update. Sorry I'm late. Barely have time for blogger and facebook, too. Glad your daughter and son-in-law are coming, and thank the Good Lord that Bruce and Shelly are doing well again.

Stay cool!