Thursday, August 5, 2010

24 Hours at the Camping House

I was sad to see my kids fly back to Las Vegas. A good cure for the blues is a little trip to Hammondsport to the Camping House. Due to everyone's busy schedules, we could only manage a little over 24 hours, but early Wednesday morning we were off.

Sandi, Linda and me in front of the camping house. I guess, for those who don't know, I should explain the camping house. This camp belongs to Sandi's family and was built by her dad on a piece of land in a fairly remote area near Keuka Lake. The house has no running water or electricity. It is really roughing it and we love it.

We started our day with lunch of hot dogs cooked on sticks over a wood fire. I haven't had a hot dog that good since my days as a Girl Scout.

Sandi's mom lives not far away in her lovely log cabin overlooking Keuka Lake. We walked over to visit her and her sweet dog, Lyric.

After saying, "Hello" we brought the canoe back to camp so the girls could enjoy the pond.

Nicole brought her new kayak along.

Beth decided to "paddle her own canoe."

Sandi and Linda had an enjoyable trip around the pond. I sat in the sun and worked a crossword puzzle. I love to be near the water. I even love to be on the water. BUT, I don't want to work my way....give me a boat with a motor.

After dinner Sandi went out scavenging fire wood in the John Deere "Gator". This provided a wonderful campfire and the heat to make S'mores. It was wonderful to sit around the campfire listening to the night sounds in the woods.
We all had a good night's sleep (after we got Linda and Nicole to settle down and stop giggling). We awoke this morning to a great breakfast cooked by Sandi's mom, Sue. We also awoke to rain. It was really pleasant to sit around the table in the camp for a couple of hours listening to the rain beat on the roof.
The sky cleared in time for us to get out and enjoy the day. By noon the weather was just perfect. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and then packing up to leave. We were all a little sad that the time was so short, but also so happy to have had this time to enjoy one another's company and the relaxing atmosphere of the camping house.
I came home with my stomach full from the great food we had and my sides aching from laughing.
Stay tuned for my next adventure which begins Saturday in the Adirondack mountains with Bruce and Shelly.
~Hippo Hugs~
P.S. I do know how to double space between paragraphs, but Blogger is being stubborn again tonight.


Lynilu said...

Ahhh, that sounds like a good time. Thoughts of hot dogs and s'mores at a campfire brings up many memories. I haven't done either in .... well, more years than I care to admit! Isn't it fun to get away with good friends like that? And what good timing, as it is always hard to see family leaving.

You've had one heck of a good summer, haven't you? Nice!

hippo chick said...

Lyn, And it's not over yet. August is chocked full. That's okay though. It's all fun stuff.


Sharon said...

It sure does look like a lot of fun.
Hot dogs and s'mores sure brings back memories of days when we camped out with the boys.
Have a great weekend.

Renie Burghardt said...

Looks like you had a great time roughing it with the girls. Love the scenery! And now you'll be off to the Adirondacks. Enjoy!



Midlife Mom said...

What a fun, fun time with your friends!!! It sounds just amazing, I would love that kind of thing too, well, I do like indoor plumbing....especially in the middle of the night! ha!

We have a Gator like that one and use it every day to take the horse manure way down in the woods so the neighbors can't smell it! My grand kids like driving it around the pasture too.

Will be looking forward to your stories with Bruce and Shelley! What a miracle that they are able to go to their camp!!! Amen!!