Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day at the Lake

Having Brian and Gretchen here for a week hasn't just been their vacation, but ours too. We are having such a wonderful time visiting with and just plain enjoying our kids. Friday, we decided to spend the day enjoying Lake Ontario.

We started out at B. Forman Park a place full of memories for Gretchen. We spent many afternoons at this park when our children were growing up; school picnics, family picnics, church picnics, just hanging out as a family. Our girls always enjoyed the swings and slide at the park.
Hey Brian, look how high I can go.

Skipping stones with Dad was always a highlight of any trip to the park.
Looking for the perfect stone.

Then it was on to Sodus Point Light House where Gretchen went on her Biology class fishing trip. Gretchen caught the most fish which didn't exactly impress the boys in her class.

On the beach at Chimney Bluffs State Park.
Checking out the poison red berries.

Some wildlife along the path.

Views of the bluffs.

We finished up the afternoon with a late lunch at the Candy Kitchen, one of Brian's favorite places to visit when he is here.

Another perfect day celebrating life with our beloved children. If you're reading this, Paige, we miss you.
~Hippo Hugs~


Midlife Mom said...

What a wonderful time you all are having! Enjoy every minute of it as it always goes too fast doesn't it? Yes, September will be here before we know it. I'm still planting things, I hope they get well rooted before winter!

What a great park, I can see why you had many happy times there. I still love to swing and do so with my two little grimmies! Miss T just came over and helped me feed the horses their supper and then she hugged and loved on Kipper for a while. She just loves that pony!

So great to visit so many of your relatives. I'm sure Gretchen wants to see as many as she can while they are home on vacation.

Well supper is almost ready so guess I'd better hop to it! Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer! xoxox

Lynilu said...

It is good to have "the kids" visits, isn't it? Of course, it really does become a vacation for us, too, just being with them and visiting (or revisiting) places together. Life is good, isn't it? :)

hippo chick said...

Lyn, It sure is.

Dagmar said...

Wonderful photos, Pam, it looks like you made a whole bunch of new memories!

Sharon said...

It is wonderful to spend time with our loved ones. I cherish it all the time.
I love your photos they are so beautiful.
I would love to have a beach close to just sit by and watch the waves.
have a great day.