Sunday, June 1, 2008


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. My wrist is really broken. Details to follow. And I didn,t even get to dance.


Nancy said...

Your story will be #1 on the blogroll this week! What on earth happened? You left us hanging! I'll be checking your blog off and on all day tomorrow to find out! And you look so pretty in that color, Pam!

Tammy broke her right wrist one time, late 80's, and it was very painful. She had quite a time working, especially on the computer, being a CPA and always using the calculator, and it being on the right side of the keyboard!

And you didn't get to dance? I hope you enjoyed the wedding and reception, anyhow. It's fun, sometimes, just to sit and watch others, though. Glad it wasn't your right wrist as Diane and I are waiting to see the pics of the wedding.

You and Jim both one-handed now! You guys need help. Wish I lived closer!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, NO!!!! What happened?????

And you didn't even do it dancing? Now THAT would have been a great story!!

Can't wait to hear all the details!! :-)

I finally posted some pics from the weekend too. Taking my good sweet time!

Michelle said...

Oh DAMN Pam!

What on earth did you do?

I hope you are feeling better and right as rain soon.

I'll add you to my prayer list.

Michelle said...

PS, let me be the first to guess........

You did this at your "Pole Dancing" I right?

Dana said...

oh no, what in the world happened?

Diane said...

Oh no!! There has GOT to be a great story behind If it's nothing exciting, make something up. :) Maybe you fell off of a mechanical bull, or perhaps a skydiving mishap. Just kidding...
I'm so sorry you broke a bone. Never fun. You have me curious! I'm so behind on reading blogs I'm in a state of panic!! I will catch up this week...hope to hear your details!

Tracy said...

you look way too cute and happy to have a broken bone.

Would you like me to send over Cami in the morning to tie shoes for you and Jim? (sorry, couldn't resist)

Hope you heal quickly.