Monday, February 9, 2009


I was so very tired last night that I didn't take the time to post the happenings of the day. We left Crystal Lake, IL about 7 AM on a beautiful, sunshiny day. We found the traffic to be surprisingly cooperative and were on our way to Missouri in no time.
We lost our sunshine pretty early on, but didn't run into any inclement weather. It was a long day. We were, however, just blown away by the beauty of the Gateway Arch and the Mississippi River crossing. Jim was particularly taken with seeing the Arch and Busch Stadium as we crossed the river into St. Louis.
Missouri is a lot of flat grasslands. But after awhile, we drove into the Ozark Mountains and enjoyed the change of topography. We are constantly amazed at the changes in scenery as we drive across this country.
We had a great room and a good dinner at the restaurant next door. We were both tired and had a good night's sleep, awaking early this morning. Once again, we were on the road by 7 A.M., passing through Missouri, Oklahoma and most of the Texas panhandle before arriving here in Amarillo late this afternoon. We ran into a huge rainstorm early in the morning, but found sunshine soon after. We were buffeted by really strong winds all day long. The forecast is for strong winds and perhaps rain or snow through New Mexico tomorrow. I guess we'll just wait and see.
We have had a really nice dinner at a real Texas steakhouse. It was a really fascinating place with all kinds of Texas memorabilia and me without my camera. It was a fun evening with really good food.
And now, I'm ready for another good night's sleep. Tomorrow is another long day and then Wednesday we arrive in Henderson. Gretchen called today and says she can hardly wait to see us. Ditto for me!
Until we arrive in Nevada,
~Hippo Hugs~


PB said...



thanks, cheers and keep in contact

Tracy said...

I look forward to your updates!

Midlife Mom said...

I've had fun this morning getting caught up on all your doings! What fun you've been having meeting up with family! The four legged family members are adorable too although quite large!! lol! I love a BIG dog, would love to have a Great Dane but it would be like having another pony and hubby says no way! ha!

Happy Belated birthday my friend! 64 sounds like a great year for you. Isn't it wonderful to have your health and be able to go and do things and have a blast with your loved ones! A yelling contest eh? I bet the kids loved that!!

Have a continued safe trip to Nevada and get lots of pictures to share with us! xoxo

Mississippi Songbird said...

That's a beautiful picture.. I hope you have safe travels and a wonderful week ahead.. I'm trying to catch up on blogs.. Bunches of hugs...

Monogram Queen said...

What a wonderful trip, I would love to travel cross-country someday. Happy Trails to you!

pam said...

Wow, I love the picture taken from your perspective.

I am loving your journey across the country. How fun!! Keep safe.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Love the picture of the Gateway Arch! Haven't been to St. Louis in years, but that's where my daughter and family fly to, when they come to visit, and then rent a car for the 200 mile trip to here.

What a fun trip you're having. Hope you haven't run into snow in NM, but I'm sure you guys can handle it, if you did.

I know you can't wait to get to Nevada! Looking forward to the next update.



Faye said...

What a great time you're having and I'll bet you can't wait to see Gretchen now :) I'm loving the journey!

Nancy said...

I, too, am enjoying the 'ride' with you!!! Loved the pic of the ARCH! I remember when Stosh used to have to go to St. Louis, and he said he went up inside that thing. I, having a fear of heights that high, about croaked!!! St. Louis is really a beautiful city!

Imagine you arrived in NV tonight! I know it was a wonderful reunion with Gretchen! I can imagine all the chatter going on! LOL Enjoy your warm weather there and the quality time with her!

Looking forward to your next post now!!!

((( HUGS )))

Cheryl Wray said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I am totally jealous (will Gary and I get to do this one day when our kids are grown?).

I love that you enjoyed Texas. You know that I think Texas is awesome!! :-)

And I loved that picture of the Arch. I've never seen it, but we'll drive through there this summer on our way to Springfield, Illinois (just found out that one of Delaney's national softball tourneys will be there and I am really excited about going there.)

Can't wait to see even more updates. Have a great weekend!!