Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Musings

Where oh where do I start? I guess we'll go with first things first! That being that our buddy :

Punxatawney Phil

saw his shadow this morning and we will have six more weeks of winter. That is opposed to his not seeing his shadow which would have meant an early spring, about six weeks from now.

I guess that news is second only to the big story in the last quarter of the Super Bowl last night when...

Santonio Holmes caught the winning catch for the sixth Super Bowl title for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game was pretty quiet during the first half, but that fourth quarter was a lulu. I was rather disappointed in the commercials this time. Dorito had a couple of funny ones and, of course, the Clydesdales were charming as usual.

Although we are Pennsylvania born and bred and were rooting for the Steelers, my heart was softened by Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald played some pretty brilliant football. Jim told me that he had seen an interview where he said he hadn't cut his hair since his mother's death. It was a really touching story, thus a place in my mother's heart for him.

Here are a couple of pictures from our exciting Super Bowl party.

Just what can I say about these two guys? We all felt that the 3D glasses didn't quite work for us. Jason kept wearing his in hopes that something would "jump out at him". Jim, on the other hand, put his on his head as he never gets to do that with sunglasses. Again, what can I say?

This weekend was my Scrapbook Getaway. It was great. We go to a local hotel where they give us a special rate and a conference room. Everyone brings food and snacks. I ate entirely too much and won't even consider stepping on the scales for at least a week. It wasn't all eating and scrapping. They had a hot tub so there were times for sitting and soothing too.

These gals are very neat scrappers.

I met some new gals this time.

Some pages were all pictures, some other things. Linda was doing her baby's first birthday, while Laurie was making recipe books for her daughters.

I made cards for part of the time. And then started my flower mini.

I also spent some time organizing some pictures and trying to decide just what I want to take with me to Nevada. Well, I also need to ask Jim just how much "stuff" can fit in the car. I don't want to take up all the space.

Speaking of Nevada, only three more sleeps until we leave. We will spend one night on the road between here and Chicago and then two whole days and nights with Paige. I can hardly wait.

Now, I must leave you and go prepare for my endoscopy which will take place in just two hours. Hope I don't sleep for eighteen hours after this test like did the colonoscopy. I think this is the end of tests for awhile----at least I hope.

~Hippo Hugs to all.

Today's word is:

Auspicious - Promising success.


Winifred said...

Hi Pam

Looks like you've had good time recently.

Hope you have a good trip, my you certainly get about!

Hope the endoscopy goes well and then you can have a break from all that stuff.

Take care

pam said...

Your weekend work is all quite lovely. Good luck this afternoon.

When you are away are you going to be blogging? (I hope so)

Monogram Queen said...

I was happy about the Steelers win too! That is sad about him not cutting his hair. Appeals to my Mother's Heart too!
Jim tickles me with those glasses~
I wasn't too impressed with the commercials either. Meh.

hippo chick said...

Hi Winifred,

The endoscopy is over and went smoothly. Much easier than the colonoscopy.

Hey Pam - Yes, I'll be blogging while I'm gone. As addicted as I am, I couldn't stop.

Patti - Yea, those Steelers are pretty cool. As for Jim, he keeps my life interesting.

Michelle said...

Oh Pam!

Our Steelers pulled it out, didn't they. What a day!

The test? Just think about something else.

And since you asked........

Happy yes, and other things going on that are not very happy, but that is for another day.

I love you and your charm.

Do the tests honey, because if you do and they can help you, it will give you more time to grace us with your loving heart. And for that.........everyone you know will be grateful.

Love, M

hippo chick said...

Michelle - I really pray for the best for you - whatever that may be. You are a dear.

Cheryl Wray said...

Your flower mini album looks AWESOME!!!! And I am so jealous that you got to go away on a scrappy weekend. I need one of those! (And I would so NOT be one of those neat scrappers!)

Amazing catch by Santonio Holmes!! WOW! And I was even more impressed with Larry Fitzgerald; that guy can just pluck any pass out of the sky!

I wasn't really cheering for either team-since my beloved Cowboys were out, followed my second favorite Titans being eliminated--but I have to say I was cheering for Arizona when they were behind. Love a good comeback game!

Loved all of your pictures!!!!

Have a great day.

Cheryl Wray said...

And, how could I forget...

please take care of yourself today at your test. Good luck with it! And try and take it easy.

Laura said...

Hi, Pam! I got to know Fitzgerald through that interview, too, but I didn't know about the hair. I just heard him say that he never called his mom when she was dying from breast cancer....something he has to live with every day. I've always liked Kurt Warner, so yes, I was pulling for the Cardinals!

Have fun in Vegas!! Woo-hoo!!

Nancy said...

This was a great post! You do keep busy, don't you? The scrapping day looked like fun!

Know you are excited to head out toward your girls! Are you driving to NV this year or catching a flight out of Chicago? Either way, I am wishing you a safe and wonderful trip! Looking forward to your posts from Las Vegas. How about some pics of Paige's dogs, too?

((( HUGS )))

hippo chick said...


Either way, I felt I would be happy about the turn out of the Super bowl.


For sure I'll get some pics of the "beasts". Also, I'll do my best to get pics of Gretchen's shy kitties. They usually warm up to us after a few days and come out of hiding.