Monday, August 24, 2009

41 and 250

Today Jim and I are celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary. We both find it hard to believe that we have been married 41 years. We agree they are the best 41 years of our lives, bumps and all. I don't know if I've said this here before, but I am so certain that Jim is the person God chose for me to spend my life with, and am so grateful I was paying attention. So, Jim, I love you and look forward to the years ahead.

So that' the 41 of my title. The 250 is that this is my 250th post. I had intended to do something special for my 200th post, but somehow that just slipped by without my noticing. So, instead I will be having a giveaway for this post. I have purchased a lovely hand sewn journal from my very talented blogger friend, Dagmar.

The journal I'll be giving away is similar to this one. It has 95 8x5 pages with a sewn cover.

My plan is to leave this post up for a week while Jim and I sneak off to the mountains for our last hoorah of the summer. Anyone who leaves a comment on my blog in that time will be eligible for the drawing. I'll have Jim draw a name when we return from the mountains and I'll let you know here who the winner is. I'm really excited about this giveaway. I've been reading Dagmar's blog for several years and am so enchanted with her crafts and her photographs. She has some other delightful things for sale on her Etsy site. Drop in and check them out.

This being my last post for August, I thought I'd spend a few minutes going back over our crazy, hazy, lazy summer. I have been playing with some new photo softwear I purchased and had hoped to publish a collage of some of our fun summer photos. Alas, much to my chagrin, there seems to be a hitch somewhere in this new program. So instead of a collage of lots of photos, I'll just leave you with this, my favorite photo of Jim and I this summer.

Here we are, 41 years later, enjoying life, love and each other.

~Hippo Hugs~

Grow old with me.

The best is yet to be.


Laura said...

Congratulations, Pam & Jim! I wish you another 41 years of wedded bliss! And I loved your wedding picture! So sweet!

Dagmar said...



Thank you, and have a wonderful time away....the journal is on it's way and I hope who ever recieves it, enjoys it! It is very sweet of you to do this.

SandyVanSickle Hovis said...

Dear Pam and Jim, Congratulations on 41 years of ups and downs and still loving each other and life. Your Joy of life shows your love of the Lord. I am happy for your wonderful life. It must be so comforting to have each other. Here is to many more great anniversaries. Love, Sandy

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, sorry I missed this yesterday. I was gone until late.

Happy, Happy Anniversary Pam and Jim! Blessings for many more years of caring and sharing and joy!

Love your wedding picture, and the picture 41 years later.

Have a great time in the mountains.



Dana said...

Aww, Happy Anniversary to both of you! What a beautiful bride ;-) Have fun on your last getaway of the summer.

Ms.L said...

Congratulations! That's a lovely photo. Enjoy your time away:)

Tracy said...

Happy 41st anniversary. You are an inspiration!
Enjoy your time at the Thompson's.♥

pam said...

Happy Anniversary!

I hope you are having a wonderful time away, enjoy those last days of summer.

You are such a cute couple, now and then.

ps. thanks for the giveaway.


Sharon said...

Happy anniversary to you and thanks for stopping by to wish me one.
I hope that the trip is a great one.
Congrats on you 250th blog also.
Your journal give away is just so adorable.
God bless.

Cheryl Wray said...

Ya'll are the cutest couple EVER!!! I love your wedding photo and you look just as good today!!!

Have a WONDERFUL getaway!

Winifred said...

Congratulations to you both. That's marvellous. Our 40th anniversary, Ruby, is coming up shortly so we're grateful for the years together too. As you say there have been ups and downs but we've come through.

Have a lovely holiday and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely pictures. That last one of you both is really lovely.

Diane said...

A lovely post. Happy belated Anniversary to you and Jim. What a blessing to have a God sent mate to share life. I do too...


Monogram Queen said...

I hope and pray Stacy and I can be like you and Jim. We will have 15 years next month! Congratulations!