Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Thoughts on Wednesday

It's odd that Cheryl posted her Random Tuesday question today. If you aren't a follower of Cheryl's blog drop by and read how her five year old daughter said she had a random mother. Having been reading Cheryl's blog for some time now, I agree that she is, indeed, a random gal. Given Sydney's definition of a random mother, I have decided I'm a random person too.

Anyway, Cheryl suggested we write about some random thoughts that have been kicking around in our heads this week.

  • It being the end of summer here in the Northeast, I've been thinking of the Augusts when the girls were in elementary school and it was time to get them ready for back-to-school. In those days I was a stay at home mom. Although Jim always worked during the summer, usually painting houses with some other teachers, by the end of August we were balancing on the edge of poverty. We always managed to get the necessary new shoes, clothes and school supplies but then we held our breath until the first paycheck. I remember one year in particular. I had begun to work ten hours a week in the library but even at that we didn't have much extra cash by the time school started. My friend, Cher, was teaching school and her hubby was in youth ministry (you know how well paid those guys are). Their daughter was in the same class as our Gretchen and the first week of school the teacher assigned a project where they were to make up a recipe and then make it and bring it to school. I remember so clearly that Cher came into the library and we cried together because we didn't know if we could afford the ingredients. Of course, it all worked out. Looking back, I see how in the midst of what seemed our need, God was so good to us. Those were wonderful times of growing and depending on the Lord.

  • Jim's hand is getting better all the time. The doctor is really pleased with his progress. Even so, he still isn't allowed to use the push mower because of the vibration. I'm just so grateful that we have been able to do our own lawn work this summer. Jim rides the tractor and I trim with the push mower. We were so unhappy with the lawn care company that did the lawn last year. They killed my little Eastern Redbud tree. It's been a joy to do our own work this year. We also have worked together and planted and cultivated our garden. We are reaping the harvest of beans, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes now.

  • This morning I thought of Gretchen's kindergarten year in school. She made friends with a little Laotian refugee who had moved to our community. Those two little girls were best friends. They wanted to do everything together. It made us so happy to see Gretchen make a good friend. The two of them were together in kindergarten and first grade and then they were separated for second grade. The next year the family moved to the city and we lost track of them. I wonder where Bousavank is now.

  • Cheryl wrote that it's hard getting old. I remember 40 and thinking that I was getting old(er). At 64, I do struggle sometimes. I especially have a hard time with looking old. Although I don't have much grey hair, age is rearing it's ugly head in almost all the other areas of my body. Like Delia Ephron, I do feel bad about my neck. In winter, I can hide my neck in turtlenecks, but summer it harder. This year I have developed vericose veins. I was pretty vain about my legs, but no more. Then there is the flabby upper arms, the drooping jowls...I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Inside, I'm still that thin young chick of yesteryear, but outwardly, well. My niece, Kacy, did make me feel better this past week when she said, "You're only old when you forget how to have fun." In that case, youth springs eternal for me.

  • I guess my last random thought is that I am so enjoying these days at home. I've been stamping, reading and just plain enjoying my house, especially my screen porch. I think I'll just randomly keep hanging around here until we leave for the mountains next week.

~Hippo Hugs~

Never lose an opportunity to see anything that is beautiful.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Pam,

It's raining in my neck of the woods, so I think it will be a relax at home day, for a change. Actually, I do have some writing to finish.

I enjoyed your random thoughts. I remember when my older son, who just turned 50, went off to kindergarden. He just waved cheerily, while I had tears in my eyes. Then I got busy baking his favorite cookies to have as a snack when he got home. And now he is 50! And my other two aren't far behind.

I am glad Jim's hand is getting better.

It is hard getting older, but at 72 I have adjusted to the changes that happened to my body and face. Now, I just go along and enjoy life to the fullest. I read a quote recently that says it all: "There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you." ~ Carol Matthau. Isn't that a great quote? And so true. I am still me, and I will always be.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.



Diane said...

Loved your random thoughts. It triggered some similar moments/thoughts.


Cheryl Wray said...

I, of course, LOVED your random meanderings (I'm sorry it's taken so long to stop by). I especially loved your memories of when the girls were young.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! I am staying overnight tonight with 14 teenage girls at church. (Pray for me! LOL)

Michelle said...

Pam, I just saw your second comment on my post. And I DO love you dearly, and I miss you and my bloggy friends! I am going to write THE post tonight, the one that explains why I haven't been posting and why the silence. It's going to be a tough one. I may have to buy a new keyboard, because by the time I am done, this one may very well be waterlogged.

SMOOCHES AND huge hugs...