Monday, August 10, 2009

On the road again...

Before I take off again tomorrow, I thought I would post again. I've really enjoyed being home these past five days. I've accomplished a lot. I finally had a chance to unpack everything from Las Vegas and camp. I have finished all my laundry, done my ironing, mowed the lawn, shopped, celebrated Florence's birthday, attended Deb's wedding and had my hair cut way, way short. That's quite a bit, don't you think?

Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

The gardens and flowers are really looking great this summer. I guess they like the cool weather and rain.

And here is the hairdo. I really was sober and in my right mind when I asked Kathy to cut it this short. All I can say is "It will grow."

The wedding was wonderful. After they were pronounced man and wife and had their kiss, they left the front of the church to a wonderful rendition of "Froggy went a Courtin'." It was such fun.
Here we are at the reception.

All this time and I still haven't finished posting our vacation and camp pictures. So, here are a few.

The many faces of a dance/musical director. Gretchen adapted a children's story for a reading, singing, dancing program. The girls performed it the last of day camp for their parents and friends.

It was a beastly hot day, but it didn't deter these talented young women.

Dances Alone (our dear friend Barry) preparing the girls to sing.

The newlyweds. Karin and Jeremiah met last summer at camp and were married this June. Gretchen and the camp staff all felt like Cupids.

Praising the Lord at the Wednesday evening concert.

New friends were made.
These cabin assistants work so very hard, but do manage to find time for fun too.

Some of the wonderful art projects done by the girls.
If you have stayed with me this long, I salute you. Thanks so much for tuning in. Tomorrow, I'm off to Pennsylvania to spend the day with my mother-in-law. I plan to take her out for a drive and then to dinner. Then I'll spend the night with my sister-in-law and niece. Wednesday, my niece will come home with me for a few days. I'm really looking forward to all of this. Hope to have pictures and stories soon. In the meantime,
~Hippo Hugs~
Most people put a period where
God puts a comma.
~Pat DePoint
Does anyone have any idea if there is a book called "Blogging for Dummies"? 'Cuz blogger has put the comments way, way down the page again.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam!

Wow, you have been a travelin' gal, haven't you? Love all the pictures. Your lawn and flowers are beautiful! And I like your hair cut. You look good in short hair. Very cute! Love the camp pictures as well. What a great experience for everyone involved.

Now on the gap at the end of your post can be fixed this way. Trust me. This is how I do it:

Go back to where you Edit your post. Go into your HTML mode there, scroll way down to the absolute end, click there, making sure you are not disturving any of the code. But click, click, click, click. It will align the post perfectly, so there will be no gap at the end. Then go to Preview and publish your post again. No gap! Trust me on this. I hope I explained it properly.

Have a wonderful time in Pa.



camport said...

Blogger is just a pain when it comes to adding pictures. That's when things go screwy and get all gapped up.

LOVE the new hair. I think it's fun. All the pics are great, too. Have fun in Pennsylvania!


Winifred said...

I like your hair short. Will be so easy to manage too.

Love the photos, the garden looks great. Can't believe how much you got done in just 5 days. Amazing!

Diane said...

LOVE your hair. Very cute.

The pics are great. Your flowers are lovely.

The kids look like they had a wonderful time.