Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ahh, Summer

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and I enjoyed every minute of it. While I was talking to my daughter, Paige, this morning, it dawned on me that June is probably my favorite month of the year. There are many reasons to love June, beautiful, warm days with low humidity, flowers coming into full bloom, lush green lawns that haven't fallen victim to the hot dry days of July, sweet red strawberries. The list goes on and on. This morning there were finches and cardinals at the bird feeder. As I stood looking out the window, enjoying the beauty of the day, I was struck with the thought that God must love us very much to provide us with such glorious surroundings.

The day only got better as it moved along. My friend Clara and her sister-in-law, Holly came for brunch on my porch. It was a gorgeous morning and such a joy to spend time with two people whose company I enjoy. We had a lovely brunch and a nice visit.

After they left, I baked two pies to share with my weekend company. Jim's brother, Laverne and his friend Cathy are visiting for the weekend to attend the LPGA. We have been looking forward to their visit for weeks and were so happy to see them when they arrived.

This day just keeps getting better and better. We had a lovely dinner this evening at Legend's Grill in Penfield. The only dark spot being that this delightful restaurant is closing on June 30th. I feel like I'm losing a newly found friend, Legend's being a restaurant we just discovered this past winter.

So, the darkness has arrived and tired and sated with the joy of the day, I will say goodnight and sweet dreams of more lovely summer days.

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