Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bits and Pieces from a busy day

We name everything in our family. Our cars, our plants, our coats. Yes, our coats. I have a mink I inherited from my sister-in-law, Bonnie. Her name is Sasha. She was part of this busy day, but that comes later.
My car, Electra, a 1998 Ford Escort wagon, has been ill. Or at least we thought she was ill. I was hoping she would last one more year. Last week I had given up all hope of her making it. She sounded so bad. Every turn of the steering wheel produced a groaning; every touch of the brakes created a terrible grinding. I began searching the internet for cars I thought we could afford. Yesterday, we took Homer, Jim's Subaru Outback in to be detailed. He was really dirty after our 7,500 mile trip this winter. Anyway, on the way to Penfield, Electra was healed of her malady. Two large pieces of rust dropped on the highway and "Voila" no more groaning or grinding. Electra Lives!!!
Today, we picked up Homer from the detail shop and he is bright, shiny and clean as a brand new car. Who wold believe he has 90,000 plus miles on his body.
After getting Homer back, we were off to Fairport Baptist Home to visit our friend, Florence, and have a conference with her caregivers. What a wonderful bunch of people are the staff of this nursing home. They are so loving and kind to their patients. I had prayed long and hard that when the need for Florence to be in a nursing home came, there would be a place for her at Fairport. It has been a joy to Jim and me to have her in residence there.
From the nursing home, I went to Pittsford to deposit Sasha at the furrier for the summer. Leaving her was a wrench, but I know she needs the climate controlled environment they can offer her for the summer months.
Then it was on the mall to buy birthday and graduation gifts and return the beautiful top that just doesn't fit me. After all that, I rewarded myself with a Iced Mocha at Starbucks. After that brief respite I was off to Office Max for some pen refills for Jim and some supplies for my summer reading programs.
One final stop. I went to the liquor store and bought some fun wines for summer. I recently read in the local paper about crisp white wines for summer. With company coming next weekend, I decided to try some of columnists' suggestions. They are sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for our company to arrive next week for the LPGA.
After dinner it was "me time". While checking out some of my favorite blogs, I ran across a test Donna had given to herself. It looks like fun. So here is some of my deep, dark thoughts:
Yourself - Blessed
Your Partner - Wonderful
Your Hair - Fun
Color - Brown
Breakfast - Cheerios
Dog - Frazier. I miss him
Dream Car - Mini Cooper
Mood - Joyful
Funny - Bunny
Music - Eclectic
Green - Mansions
Kitchen - Green
Game - Bonanza
Driving - Necessary
Comfort - Inn
Water - Water Everywhere
My daughter Gretchen told me tonight that she and her husband, Brian, have decided that they are the only people who read my blog. I told them Tracy reads it too. She even comments.
Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash, wherever you are.


Donna said...

Pam: I wanted to say thanks for the comments on my blog "What was I thinking?" I'm with you, we had it better be it pools or the local swimming hole/creek, etc. These kids don't know or understand what they are missing! Donna
P.S.- nice to know more than two people read my blog too!

Donna said...

Pam: Donna here again. I wanted to know if you know the librarian in the East Rochester elementary school, Anita. If you do, please e-mail me privately via my blog. My husband's family comes from that area and I wanted to know if we have any connections. Donna

Tracy said...

Of course I read your blog!
I see you've "met" my friend, Donna. Love her! She's a fellow scrapbooker and a real gem.