Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Didn't Sleep At All Last Night --

Well, okay, I didn't sleep until after 3 A.M. Jim is sure I ingested some caffeine sometime during the evening. But I swear I was absolutely caffeine free. I think it must have been the stress of all things unfinished. I just WAS NOT tired and moved from one project to another with complete abandon.

From 8 - 10 P.M. I

finished my Christmas cards. This project has proven to be much more work than I had anticipated. Add to that the fact that we are sending more cards than we have ever sent before and I was just a teensy bit stressed over the project. But by 10 P.M. it was finished

Thank heavens for Jim, who addressed all the envelopes, stamped them and put all the return address labels in place. This was truly a joint effort.

Although 10 P.M. is often my bed time, I was wide eyed and bushy tailed and looking for another project. Never fear! This time of year is full of unfinished projects. I didn't have to look far until I found a dozen (yes, that is 12) unfinished calendar sets. Given that seven of these sets are gifts for the "Losers" and must be distributed on Friday, "I spoke not a work and set straight to my work", finishing about 1 A.M.

Given the time and two completed projects, one would think I would be tired and ready for my bed. Well, that's what I thought until I got into bed and tossed and turned and turned and tossed. Finally, I gave up and came downstairs. After consuming a glass of milk and two cookies, I decided I should probably work on the bulletin for the Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols.

Ahh! Now I can rest. Or maybe not!! Sleep still evaded me. As I lay in my soft, warm, comfy bed, I kept seeing all those packages in the living room which were ribbonless and bowless (are those actually words?). So "I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. Away to the workroom I flew like a flash" and came out with a bagful of ribbons and scissors and glue (well, actually, it was tape, but glue sounds so much more poetic).

Now, it's 3 A.M., but I still don't trust myself to sleep. Aha! I know what will put me to sleep quick as a wink. So, I climb the stairs with my trusty CD player, loaded with an audio book. In less the five minutes I was fast asleep.

Thanks to the kindness of my dear husband and the leisure allowed to retirees, I slept until 10 this morning. When I finally arose, I began a rather busy day of errands and food preparation, but I did so rested and ready to go.

Tonight we had a lovely, quiet dinner with our friends Bruce and Shelly. This is a ten or twelve year tradition. We always have dinner together either before or after the High School Christmas Concert (which now has to be called a "Holiday" concert). Bruce was our band director for many years and after the concert seemed like a good time to celebrate together before we went our separate ways for Christmas. Things have changed over the years; one of our couples is no longer a couple, our children have grown so Jim and I no longer attend the concert, Bruce has retired and doesn't feel comfortable at the concert. Only Shelly, who is the consummate teacher still hangs in there. Nevertheless, the Christmas meal continues. Times and circumstances may change, but Tradition stands - at least with the four of us.

I have labored long and hard and now I will rest from my work. Sleep well, dear friends.


Dana said...

Busy girl! I love all the wrapped presents...makes me want to open them! ;-) Let me know that your goodie box arrived safely and in one piece...I was afraid it would get broken!

camport said...

We didn't sleep either but it was for different reasons! I would've much rather been crafting than tending sick kids. :)

Glad you got all those projects finished, maybe you'll be able to rest easier tonight.


Tracy said...

When Jim finishes snow blowing our driveway, could you send him over to address my Christmas cards? I'm late with them. Yours look GREAT, by the way!