Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowy Day

I probably shouldn't admit this to anyone, let alone on my blog for all the world to see. Oh, I forgot, Gretchen says nobody reads my blog anyway besides Tracy and her. Oh yes, the public confession - I really love these first wintry, snowy days. I felt like a little kid when I woke up this morning to see the pile of white over everything in our yard.

I can enjoy it all the more now that I have my own built in chauffeur. With Jim to do the driving, I can just sit back and relax. Which is just what I did. We had a breakfast date with our friend Bruce. We hadn't seen him since October and it was fun sitting in the cozy little restaurant near his house, having breakfast and catching up. "Uncle Billy's" is your typical neighborhood restaurant with friendly waitresses and really good food.

As long as we were out, we decided to go to the Mall and do a little Christmas shopping. Now, I need to tell you, Jim is no shopper, but since he has taken up reading, he is delighted to find a comfy spot and sit and read while I shop. I am really blessed to have such a good husband.

The shopping went well. Once we arrived home, Jim was out to do the snow-blowing and I to tackle the long, long list of things I have been going to get to. I have such good intentions, but the days somehow wind up being so busy that I just don't get the things done I should.

I have been sooooo disappointed with my Christmas decorations this year. The tree is absolutely beautiful. Jim decorated the entire thing by himself. He loves doing it and does such an exquisite job, I just stay out of it. I'll post a picture of the tree closer to Christmas. As I said, Jim does the tree, but I do the rest of the house.

Our Christmas celebration is taking such a new turn this year, that I feel decorating should be different too. No one is coming for the holiday season as they were all here in November. Also, our grown children, being really convicted about excesses, have asked us all if we can do gift giving in a new way. We are going to forgo gift giving among ourselves, instead choosing a charity to support.

Paige has chosen to contribute to Heifer Project while Brian and Gretchen are giving to a battered women's shelter in Las Vegas. Jim and I are providing Christmas for a family that has fallen on hard times. As much as I agree with this concept, I must admit it is a little difficult for me not to be buying gifts for my children. I know it's right, but that doesn't mean it's not hard.

So, I decided the decorating should be understated this year also. The problem with that is that once it was done it was just plain BLAH. It needed something but I just couldn't decide what. I think I've found the answer. I'll start with the bathroom and see what you think. Like "plastics" in The Graduate, I'll just say "bows".


Tracy said...

Yes, of COURSE I read this blog. : )

I am happy to see winter in December too, but anything after February is no fun at all.

camport said...

I LOVE the idea of giving gifts to charity vs each other. Great idea!

I'm reading your blog now, so you have an audience!

Also, the reason I have a mini fridge...long story.

The short version, my husband is a travel nurse so we purchased a brand new Class A motor home to ease the bi-yearly transitions. Turns out, living in a motor home with two small boys is not the experience we thought. So the small fridge is in the RV. We're living in an apt. now to get a break for a few months.

That's the quick version. Hopw it explains.


camport said...

also, I lived in a small upstate NY town called Plattsburgh when I was a kid.

Ever heard of it?