Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Christmas Gifts

I'm not sure I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. It was going to be very different, as planned. I know I've been saying all the right things and being very brave about no family and no gifts. But deep in my heart, I think I expected to be disappointed come Christmas morning.

My focus for several weeks has been the Christmas Eve service at our church. With Gretchen's help, I planned a service of Lessons and Carols. I wanted it to be a perfect celebration of Jesus' birthday. Thanks to God's grace and many prayers, it was a wonderful service. We are so blessed to have many talented people in our congregation who are willing to share their gifts with us.

The children were delightful. I had planned a quiet little children's sermon that would last three or four minutes. HA! I should have known. They were so full of joy and knowledge about the birth of our Saviour. It was wonderful. The church was full of laughter when we had finished. I am sure Jesus was really happy. Almost everyone who attended the service came down to the fellowship hall for birthday cake. It was all we could have hoped for.

That set the tone for Christmas day for Jim and I. I woke up to coffee on my night table and a kiss from my husband wishing me a Merry Christmas. Breakfast was quiche and fruit accompanied by mimosas.

We had a quiet day of reading, sharing memories of Christmas past and talking with our children and extended family on the telephone. When Jim called his brother Dale, the phone rang and rang. Just as Jim was leaving a message our niece, Anita, picked up. She said they were screening their calls, but Uncle Jim made it through. It was fun to talk to all o f them. The twins were delighted with the bracelets we gave them and thanked us so nicely on the phone.

Late afternoon found us hungry and we prepared our Christmas dinner of standing rib roast, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots and rolls together. When we celebrate Christmas here at home, we have a tradition of beef (as did my mother). It was a wonderful meal - ending a wonderful day.

If this works, I'll show you our Christmas gifts. From Gretchen and Brian we received:

-a set of 7 pots and pans
-a 16 piece dish set
-silverware in a drawer organizer
-4 big cups
-4 medium cups
-4 little cups
-a spatula
-a 5 piece set of wooden spoons in various shapes
-measuring cups and spoons
-a bright red colander
-a toaster
-saran wrap
-Reynolds wrap
-Ziploc bags
-Ziploc reusable containers
-dish cloths and dish towels
-a brownie pan (a must have)
-a can opener
-a laundry basket to hold it all

All given to a battered women's shelter in our name.

From Paige we received:

  • Two hives of bees from the Heifer Project given in our honor.

I tried to download the picture, but had some technical difficulties.

It was most definitely a different Christmas, but one that blessed my heart and drew me closer to the Saviour whose birth we celebrate.


camport said...

Amen for a TRUE Christmas. Ours was laden with gifts that drew from the focus, but a happy Christmas. I love the idea of those gift baskets to the women's shelter. Can you imagine the joy of the receiver?

Glad you had a Merry Christmas, even with all the changes.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome tribute to Him! So glad you had such a great service and celebration. Also, I wanted to wish you a happy New Year and all the best for a great 2008!