Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Hallelujah Day!!

What a perfectly beautiful, wonderful, fabulous day this has been. The entire day has been one of Camelot weather. The sky is perfectly blue. Not a cloud in sight. Not too hot, no humidity. I could revel in this day forever.

It isn't just the weather that has made it such a splendiferous day. First of all, and maybe foremost, we heard today that my husband's cancer biopsy came back negative for cancer. Who could ask for anything more? You can bet we will be celebrating with a glass of vino tonight.

The next good news we received was that my MIL is doing much better after her bout of pneumonia and will be leaving the nursing home and returning to her Assisted Living Residence tomorrow. Good, good news!!

The rest of the happenings of the day are good to a lesser degree, but things to enjoy and be thankful for, none the less.

Have I mentioned that I'm going back to work for a short time? The library director who took my place when I retired is leaving and I'm going to fill in for a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to being in the library again. So, this morning I had a staff meeting just to go over schedules, etc. This afternoon I had a short meeting with Kathy (the librarian) to brush up on some of the things that have changed in the 3-1/2 years I've been gone. Monday will be my first day on the job.

AND - this is actually yesterday's good news - I found what I think will work with the wonderful skirt I bought in Nevada to make a great outfit for a mountain wedding in July. What do you think?

Oh yes, another goodie. I walked 3 whole miles on the treadmill this afternoon. My goal is to get up to 5 miles eventually. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I hope I've lost.

And now the last and final fabulous happening in this already nearly perfect day. Our friend (and pseudo niece) Jodie sucessfully defended her research for her PhD this afternoon. After seven long years, she is now Dr. Jodie. We are so very very proud of her. I'm crying as I write this. We love you, Jodie

This will make for a long post, but I read this on Michelle's blog and want to post the answer to this question:




I've been giving these questions a lot of thought today and here are the answers I've come up with.

My first thought was that I'd like to have dinner with Jesus and ask Him all the many questions that trouble me. Then I remembered that someday I will live with him forever and all the questions that trouble me today that I might ask Him will be immaterial and in heaven I won't be troubled by anything.

That said, I think I still have three people to choose. Here they are:

1. My biological father. First, I'd ask him WHY? Then I'd ask him HOW could he go through life not knowing me. Then I'd tell him how much he missed 'cuz I'm a pretty cool person. Then I'd tell him about my wonderful mom and stepfather. Last I'd tell him about my fabulous girls. He really missed out on a lot. Oh yes, then I'd tell him I forgive him and talk about Jesus. I don't know if I'd feed him. Maybe coffee and muffins.

2. There are so many women both living and dead that I admire. I think right now I'd choose Condoleeza Rice. That might change next week, but for today I pick her.
I think I'd not ask much of anything. I'd just let her talk. I think she is such a smart and savvy woman. I'd probably serve her quiche and my famous fruit salad with french puff muffins.

3. Last, but by no means least, I'd like to have a whole day with Cheryl Wray. I'd talk to her about EVERYTHING. I'd especially quiz her about Southern Christian Writers. What would I serve? I think I'd serve my famous chicken, shrimp, pasta recipe. For dessert, we'd have "ding dongs".

Have a great day. I love you guys.


Michelle said...

Wow Pam! Amazing!

I meant it to be a thought provoking question, I am glad you took it to heart.

I loved your answers. I have a biological mother that I met when I was 13 but have had no contact with since then. I would probably ask her the same questions you would ask your father. I can't imagine any grandparent not wanting to know my beautiful daughters.

You are sweet Pam, I am so glad I came across your blog.

camport said...

You are one very cool chick!! Love the outfit and am so glad to hear that you got such wonderful hallelujah news back from Jim's biopsy.


camport said...

You are one very cool chick!! Love the outfit and am so glad to hear that you got such wonderful hallelujah news back from Jim's biopsy.


Michelle said...

Oh BTW have to share that recipe!~

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Diane said...

Prayers were answered. I'm happy to hear the great news about Jim and your MIL.

I enjoyed reading your random facts. I've posted my facts too!


Cheryl Wray said...

I'm doing the Hallelujah dance with ya!!!! Yay for the news on your MIL; that is wonderful!

Love your answers, but am blown away by your picking me to meet!!! I am SO ready for that pasta and, yes, Ding Dongs for dessert.How very thoughtful of you!!! :-)

And I can tell you all about the Southern Christian Writers anytime you want. Here is a site with our latest updates on our conference we do every year--

You should COME. Alabama isn't too far away, right? lol

Have a WONDERFUL day and weekend!! Love ya!!

Nancy said...

Love the wedding outfit! So summery! You will look so pretty in it, I'm sure!

Happy that Jim's biopsy was negative! I went through that with a black spot I had removed on my hand a couple years ago, as they thought it was a melanoma, but it came back negative. (My dad's cancer started as a melanoma.) So I know how elated you both are! He DOES answer our prayers, doesn't He?

Glad Alva is getting better, too! It's such a worry as they get older and when you don't live close enough to check on them every day. I was so glad to have my mom here with me those 2+ years when she was so ill. I told her we were in it together, all the way to the end. We spent a lot of all-niters up talking when she was too sick to even sleep. I miss her now that she's gone.

Your answers to those 3 questions came from your heart, I know. I don't know how I would answer them myself.

Keep up the great writing as I absolutely love reading your posts!

Tracy said...

I love this post!

And, yes, I think that outfit looks great.

I'll bet your a little glad the neighborhood is quieter this morning with my girls back in school. They sure can be loud in the backyard, can't they? Are you sick of Hannah Montana blaring from the CD player as they jump on the trampoline?