Monday, April 28, 2008

After a Week of Working

Wow!! Working really cuts into my blogging life, not to mention all the other areas that are pushed aside to accomodate the time clock.

I think I mentioned in my last ancient post that it seemed strange to be back in my old office. Each day was less strange and by the end of the week I felt right at home. I need to mention one cool thing that happened. For years I had dealt with a company that sells audiobooks. Their salesperson, Peggy, and I had developed a really good phone friendship, talking about children, grandchildren, etc. Tuesday, I picked up my phone and said, "Hello, this is Pam Wolfanger" and the answer was this wonderful British accent saying, "Hello, Pam Wolfanger". I knew immediately it was my friend Peggy. We had the best conversation, catching up on the past three years. It was such a boost for me, and yes, I did buy some things from her.

Spring has really arrived here in our little town. The weather has been fantastic this past week. That is likely ending this week with a return to April showers, etc., but last week was glorious with many trees and plants in bloom.

This is a tree outside the library. Isn't it beautiful.

This is my flowering peach in process. We planted it after it bloomed last year so this is our first chance to enjoy its beauty.

In a week of working, I did have the opportunity to play on Tuesday as we celebrated our friend, Linda's, fiftieth birthday. We met at a local crepe restaurant and surprised her. It was a great lunch with great friends. We met her friend, Peggy, for the first time. I had a week blessed by Peggy's.

Fifty peppermint patties!

The weekend finally arrived. I didn't work on Friday afternoon so Jim and I treated ourselves to lunch (all Weight Watcher's approved, of course) and walked on the canal path. What a wonderful day - and workout. Oh, I forgot to mention, we each lost 1-1/2 pounds that week.

Saturday night we attended "Six for Supper" a church organized program where people meet together for dinner and fellowship. One family hosts and six other people bring food. It's a great concept for getting to know people in the church. Jim and I hadn't signed up for this program as we were away much of the winter. It just so happened that dinner ocurred at the same time as the "Thirty Hour Famine" (talk about an oxymoron) so there were empty spaces at several tables. Our friends Rick and Sandi asked us to attend. I forgot to take my camera, but it was a great evening of food and fellowship.

Sunday was a joyous and sad occasion wrapped into one. It was the farewell sermon of our youth pastor who has been called to pastor a church in Idaho. The church was full, the praise band played and outdid itself and Rick preached a wonderful sermon. Of course, it all ended with many of us in tears. We send this dear family off to Idaho with love and prayers.

Thanks for bearing with me in this post. It was a week full of memories and I wanted to share them.

Happy Monday!!!


camport said...

that tree is beautiful!! AND, you look GREAT! My MIL and SIL have been doing W.W. since January, and have both lost 22 pounds. You seem to be doing great with it, too.

Keep up the good work, friend, and I'm glad you're new/old career is working out so well.


Cheryl Wray said...

This sounds (and looks) like a WONDERFUL week!!! I love the pictures of the trees... the flowering peach is especially gorgeous!!

So glad to see your post and to hear all your happiness!!!!

Diane said...

Happy to know that work is going well! How wonderful after over three years that your friend Peggy was still in that position.

The photos are beautiful. Spring just has a way of making us feel good, doesn't it?

Congrats on the weight loss! You guys are doing great...

I'm on again, off again with my diet/fitness. I'm always a snail.

Hugs and so glad to see a new post from you!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss my new bloggy friend! YOU ROCK!!!!!

I truly hope that your return to work was due to boredom and not a financial crisis, but I am so glad you are feeling at home. Isn't it wonderful when you don't speak to someone for a while and then all of a sudden you just take up where you left off?

As to yuor work vs blogging, I enjoy your writing whenever you find the time, so you just pace yourself. No overdoing (or stressing out over) anything!

Hugs Pam.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, that'sgreat that work is good.. Those plants are ust beautiful..
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.. Bunches of Hugs!

Nancy said...

Hi Pam! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your work! I kind of miss working out, as this working from home gets kind of boring some days.

I love Spring with all the flowering trees and Spring flowers. Here in the South, the Bradford Pears are already done with their blossoms, but what a beautiful sight they are when they are in bloom! Your flowering peach is so pretty!

You are losing weight the right way...slow and steady. I have to crash diet the first week to get myself motivated, though, and that's not healthy at all, I know.

Glad to find your post tonight! I've been checking and forgot that you were working again.

Have a good week! Love to you guys!