Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Musings

It's been so long since I posted I'm afraid I've forgotten how to express myself!! LOL I know how I sort of whined and moaned about having to leave Las Vegas and come home, but really, I must admit, it's really good to be home

I thought I'd do a sort of "T" bar about the pluses and minuses of being back in Upstate NY.

PLUS - Seeing Linda and Jason at the airport when we arrived home. Along with that plus is the really good flight we had. I would recommend AirTran to anyone. It is certainly "no-frills" but after some of the terrible flights I've had in recent years, I'd rather have flights that leave and arrive on time and are direct flights than wine, women and song. Oh yeah! There are no women and song and you have to pay for the wine - so what exactly are the frills?

PLUS - Being back in my own bed. I sometimes forget when I'm away how much I really, really LOVE our bed. It is soooo comfortable and we have the best sheets. It was really heavenly and I slept like a baby.

MINUS - Waking up in the wonderful, comfortable bed the first morning to 22 degrees. I awoke at the crack of dawn to meet my Thursday morning coffee group, looked out the window and saw my car covered with frost. I hate to admit how lazy I was, but I put on my jacket and slippers and ran out and started the car, turned on the defrost and let it run while I took my shower.

PLUS - Getting a haircut. You can't imagine how badly I needed a haircut. I know that they have beauticians in Las Vegas, but nobody really cuts my hair to suit me but Kathy.

PLUS - Seeing my coffee group on Thursday and the original "Loser Housewives" on Friday for coffee. I really love these gals.

MINUS - Getting up so early in the morning. In Las Vegas, I don't have many responsibilities so I sleep MUCH later.

MINUS - Grocery shopping, grocery shopping, grocery shopping. We pretty much emptied the larders before we left for the Southwest. We shopped on Thursday, but then found we needed to go again on Saturday. And, of course, when you buy all that stuff, you have to put it away. I HATE putting groceries away.

PLUS - Being back in church on Sunday and seeing all the dear folks in our church.

PLUS - Going to Rick and Sandi's for brunch on Sunday to celebrate Sandi's birthday. On Friday, Linda asked Sandi how old she was going to be. Sandi said ****
and Linda, who thought Sandi was one year older than her said, "Are you sure?" We all got a wonderful laugh from that.

The birthday girl and her granddaughter.

PLUS - And speaking of Sandi's granddaughter, seeing Sienna again is a major plus.
She is sooo very cute and, of course, smart. I don't know what we will do when her father gets a church and they move away from us. The first thing she said to me upon seeing me on Friday was, "Hey Pam, I have a baby sister in my mommy's tummy". The new baby come in late June. I wonder how she'll react?

Isn't she just adorable?

PLUS and MINUS - The weather is really quite acceptable. It's probably about 60 degrees right now at 4:20 in the after noon. The plus is, of course, the nice sunshine. The minus is that there is TONS of yard work to do. Poor Jim spent several hours working in the lawn today.

Right now, I'm afraid the track is calling me. School is out, thus leaving our new all weather track free for the likes of me. I'm planning on seven laps today so I'll close and say "Ta-Ta".


Diane said...

I would say that your pluses out-weighed the minuses. Another case of "it's nice to get away, but great to be home!" LOL Having something to look forward to each week is what keeps us going. Your coffee time with the girls sounds like fun. I'm in a writers group and I look forward to Tuesday evenings at B&N...I may never get published (probability is high-lol), but keeping my feeble mind working is my cerebral exercise.

Nancy said...

Yes, the little girl is adorable!!! Bless her little heart, waiting for her new baby sister!

Glad you are home and sounds like you're back in the groove! Always pros and cons no matter where one lives. Here we have the high humidity and high temps in the summer and then very pleasant winters, and it's just the other way around for northern living. But as they say, "There's no place like home."

Glad you finally posted! I've been checking every day...LOL

Anonymous said...

Heh-heh...I'm so glad that you're glad to be home! It's always good to go home (when you get there, that is)!


Gerrit said...

Hehe, th alma mater finally got an all weather Track... Enjoy it for me too!

Jeannie said...

What a nice blog! I love the pictures. I'm reluctant to post pictures on my own blog, though. Your grand-daughter, by the way, is adorable. Actually, I was doing a search on "coffee group" when I came across your blog. I'm doing a paper on coffee group folklore for a university folklore class I'm taking. I'm back in school - at the age of 52 - to finish up my undergrad. in English and become an elementary school teacher (even though I have to say that I've subbed in the elementary school library and I've thoroughly enjoyed that, too - would require a masters degree to become a librarian, though). Anyway, please stop by my blog at and answer the questions about your coffee group if you're willing to help me with my paper. Thanks. - Jean